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Apple stock.

Consider Apple stock. Apple’s valuations are heavily dependent on intangible assets valuations, as the
company is a heavy user of intangible capital in its revenue generation model (think Apps platform). At the
same time, Apple is one of the five largest companies in the world. This means that Apple’s stock price
changes are systematic to the entire market: when Apple stock rises or falls, markets tend to rise or fall too.
Looking back at the assumption and definition of the APT, in your opinion, does APT apply in the case of the
market that is so heavily dominated by a handful of companies, like Apple? Explain your thinking

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Another vital point is the utilization of innovation for joint effort among understudies and educators. The orthodox technique of learning where the teacher is always right has faded. The new system allows students to freely share knowledge with his/her associates and teachers (15 examples of technology I education, n.d.). This shift in educational technique is all set up to enlighten young minds and moreover give them an opportunity to express themselves. Cultural exchange makes its way it becomes easy for a student to understand other. • Distance Learning Inaccessible learning opens an entirely different universe of chances for the understudies and learning on home turf makes it less demanding for remote understudies to adjust to the Canadian arrangement of training. Social trade adds to the advantages of Distant learning. Distance learning has helped not only open doors for students in the country but also it opened doors who are not able to learn or study within their educational limits, or unable to learn because of financial problems or because of their country being technologically unadvanced. But distance learning solves all this problem and help them learn and achieve these goals. This shift has given access to student worldwide • Teacher-Student Relationship There has been a major shift in relationship between a teacher and a student. Earlier educator used to be a store house of knowledge who enters into the class and pour all the knowledge into the students mind which was stressful for both student as well as educator. Now, in this era of reform, a two-way learning path develops where students prepare assignments, perform debate and do presentations. Multiple minds work together in the class and share knowledge. Perspective on a topic differs from mind to mind.

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