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Architecture, Building and Planning

One solid page (250 words) explaining how the building (Faena Forum) works socially or fails to work. Consider the stated use of the building and how people might interpret or extend that use. The building is the Faena Forum Miami.

This part it’s just to have an idea of what I’m doing and maybe help to write what I need.

  1. Aerial view with ground floor plan inserted, showing paths of entry and views along the path with photos keyed in plan

Sample Solution

Relative to other farms, Sweet Home is an Eden, where Mr. Garner reigns over like a god. Under Garner, slaves are seen as workers with rights. The slaves "were believed and trusted, but most of all they were listened to" (147), something unheard of on a Southern farm. While most masters abuse their slaves, Garner treats his workers humanely. Under his rule, the slaves feel as if they are more than just mere property; they believe they are human beings. In the sea of bigotry that is the South, Sweet Home lives up to its name as an oasis of relative safety for the blacks. Mr. Garner's relationship with the slaves mirrors God's relationship with his creations in Genesis. Instead of lording over his new creations, God trusts them outright and allows them to care for the garden of paradise, similar to how Garner allows the slaves to work his farm. Also, since neither master shows distrust or fear towards their people, loyalty is returned in kind. Finally, nothing exists in paradise to drive master and servant apart. It is the presence of evil that shatters the illusion of paradise in both Eden and Sweet Home. Schoolteacher arrives after the death of Garner, determined to correct the "freedom imposed on people who needed every care and guidance in the world to keep them from the cannibal life they preferred" (177). He replaces Garner's benevolent ways with his disciplinarian attitudes and the slaves find they are treated as property instead of men. Schoolteacher wishes to extract the ideas of freedom that Garner planted in them in order to make sure they are kept beneath him. Unlike their old master, where "deferring to his slaves' opinions did not deprive him of authority and power" (147), schoolteacher is threatened by slaves who have a voice of their own. He thus treats them like mere animals, following the bigoted tradition of white superiority. By breaking down the idea of personal freedom, schoolteacher cements himself as ruler over the lowly slaves. Comparatively, The serpent's arrival in the Garden of Eden causes division between God and His creations. The serpent tempts man with ultimate power so that he can betray his master. This offer of power supercedes man's loyalty to God, allowing sin to put distance between deity and creation. By letting humans betray God, the serpent causes them to lose their special place in paradise. Coming into contact with evil allows man to see the faults that exist within this so-called paradise. Both man and slave discover the sinister element shared between Sweet Home and Eden: ignorance that is instilled by their masters in order to keep them in place. God commands Adam and Eve that they can eat from any tree in the garden "but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die." (Gn 2: 17-18) At the dawn of creation, man is kept ignorant of the differences between good and evil, supposedly for his own protection. Because of this ignorance, man does not possess free will and is more like the slaves of Sweet Home, bound to his master. Like the slaves, man remains unaware of reality, which allows him to be taken advantage of by the evil serpent. Once man eats the forbidden fruit, God

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