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his sample shows the Strawberry DNA that we extracted. The DNA can be very clearly seen in this sample. We did however observe that our sample was a little bit dirty with bubbles that originated when mixing the dishwasher soap with the fruit puree that could’ve been avoided by mixing the substances with more moderation. This can denote the presence of the ethanol substance, but the limit between its concentration and the rest of the sample is still clear. It is noticeable that the middle quartile range of the test tube is the one that contains the most genetic material. Now referring to the genetic material extracted, DNA molecules can be recognized as the cloudy, white, transparent bulbs that are seen in the majority of the model. Regarding the illustrated color, this one has a dark pink or red colour, mainly because it is the same tone as the strawberry tissue. In this case, the dishwasher soap didn’t have any effect on influence on the sample´s color. Result #2 Tomato DNA. Fig 23 Tomato sample. This picture shows a sample of DNA that we extracted from tomato cells. the DNA can be clearly identified. In the middle we can see clearly that the sample lightens in colour, which shows us mildly the genetic material. Where the tomato breaks and makes a horizon with the ethanol, is where we can very clearly see the DNA. we however, had an inconvenience where the cheese cloths were really thin, and the solution did not purify as well as we would’ve liked it to. The top and foggy-like part of the sample shows the ethanol layer, and the bubbles under it denote the limit or separation. What is found is the middle are the DNA molecules. They can be identified because of their cloud-like shape, and the mixture concentration. The sample showed an orange almost salmon colour to it, because the fruit is originally red but the detergent was green the final appearance must have derived from such combination. Compared to other samples seen in the laboratory, this sample one got a brighter tone. This could have happened because the amount of dishwasher soap could have varied moderately. Analysis: As we had expected in the established hypothesis, the dishwasher soap, the saline solution and the ethanol together performed the lysis process on the cells, and that led to the release of DNA molecules from the cells of the strawberry and tomato tissue, as well as its precipitation on the sample. As discussed previously in this report, cell membranes are made of a phospholipid bilayer that gives the cell’s nucleus a layer of protection and moreover, needs to be broken down in order to perform DNA extraction. In addition to this, It was also previously discussed that the genetic material in vegetable cells is preserved more rigorously, as they possess a cell membrane made up of various polysaccharides like is cellulose. This brings us to conclude that these two things need a very specific set of components in order to be able to break this layer down. Firstly, i will assess the chemical components that , helped break down the cell and release the DNA. Dishwasher soap has a substance called “Laurel Sulfate” which aids in removing proteins and fats, just as when used to wash the dishes. This substance helps pull the fats and proteins apart from the membrane that covers the nucleus. In this specific case, the properties of lipids can clearly be identified. Another factor that aids in us being able to see the genetic material, is that DNA molecules have a negative charge, which means that the molecules naturally repel each other du

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