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You are expected to critically think and write an insightful response to the reading (s) assigned for the week. NOTE: it is required two write a response for the given readings, if there are two you write about both if you’re given one you write about one. Directions for writing the reading responses: You must say what is the central argument of the reading. What is noteworthy about the reading(s) and how does it inform you about the topic? What approach does the author take? Is he/she objective or subjective in examining the issue? How does the reading enhance or challenge your understanding of Asia, Asian histories, and cultural practices?

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ut of different reasons. Bentham, the father of utilitarianism mentioned before, has a famous quote that is often used to defend animal right: “The question is not, Can they reason? Nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?” (McGregor, 2018) in utilitarianism, animal can suffer. In order to reach the maximised happiness, suffering should be reduced as much as possible. Eating meat enlarges the pain for animals. Peter Singer as a modern-date utilitarian has “launched the modern animal rights movement” and questioned if humans have higher moral status than animals as well. (Johnson, 2015) In fact, animals have emotions and sense of pain just as humans do, and this fact makes it very difficult to justify meat consuming in utilitarianism, since killing animals for the meat would clearly make them suffer. This time, deontologists agree with utilitarianism on the morality eating meat lacks. For deontologists, the action itself is wrong because of it harms the animals. Even if the animals were treated nicely before their deaths, slaughtering innocent animals for gluttony is an action that cannot be made right. In Johnson’s (2018) words, it is similar to raising kids for their organs, although the children might have lived a wonderful life and the operation procedure is painless, it still is unforgivable to treat them for the benefit, which is exactly what humans do to animals. On the other hand, Based on the deontological theory, I personally think Kant’s explanation (humans can reason, therefore are different from animals) probably cannot be used to defend carnivorous here. Instead of only “different”, animals are the victims of meat eating. When they share the same emotions, relationships and pain as humans, it is impossible to say eating meat is completely fine on the moral level. Overall, on the topic of eating meat, utilitarians and deontologists share similar opinions. To summarise the whole essay, morality is complicated, and it cannot be explained in an easy way. People with different backgrounds and different mindsets have various opinions on what is moral, such as the contrast and connection between utilitarianism and deontology. Sometimes people share the same idea, such as the topic of eating meat, and sometimes they do not, like the trolley problem and self-driving cars. The interesting thing is, we do not talk about morality enough in this world. Most of the times, we are so caught up in our own business and trapped in subjective ideas, that we forget to communicate with others on what makes the world better, which is exactly morality. With more discussion on morality, we can discover more about ourselves and even this world. There are many that are worth talking about, such as why an action should be done, how can we make it more pleasant for every being and how should we rule over ourselves to become better people. The importance of morality is not only because of the present, but also the future. When our culture passes down generations, morality would keep reminding people, of the pleasure, the justice, the caring and loving, and so much more. With morality, maybe we can truly resurrect the beauty of human nature tha

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