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Artificial neural network

1.What is an artificial neural network and for what types of problems can it be used?

2.Compare artificial and biological neural networks. What aspects of biological networks are not mimicked by arti- ficial ones? What aspects are similar?

3.What are the most common ANN architectures? For what types of problems can they be used?

4.ANN can be used for both supervised and unsupervised learning. Explain how they learn in a supervised mode and in an unsupervised mode.

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“The current status of English is unprecedented. Simultaneously, it has a preeminent global role in politics … [and] … finance … [and] … education. With no challenger comparable to it, it seems almost untouchable…” As a consequence of dispersal and migration, English is given the label “Global English” which refers to the notion that it is a worldwide language. As a first diaspora, English has spread from the British Isles to countries including Australia, the USA, and Canada, where it is a first language or “L1”. Diaspora is the “dispersal of people and their languages to different parts of the world.” (Clayton, 2015). In nations of the second diaspora, such as South Africa, English does not hold L1 status but is recognised as an official language and has a significant degree of power. At present, French is sixth in the ranking of world languages after Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, English, Hindi and Arabic. Despite its 220 million speakers, it is predicted that 750 million people worldwide will speak French by 2050 – making it the second most spoken language of the world after Mandarin Chinese. (Secorun Palet, 2015). To some extent, French is under threat from the global rise of English as a second diaspora and lingua franca both socially and economically. A lingua franca is a “language… [that is]… adopted as a common language… [between speakers]… whose native languages are different.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2018.) However, with recent changes in the European political system and growth in use of French within education, it may be a smaller threat than anticipated. This article will discuss the current status of French and English as global languag

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