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Assessment can take place informally through what process

  1. Assessment can take place informally through what process?
  2. Assessment can take place formally by what avenues?
  3. Who can refer a student to the school social worker?
  4. What reasons can a student be referred to the school social worker?
  5. Define assessment.
  6. Name 3 things that are helpful when trying to engage a client.
  7. What can one look at when observing a student’s body language?
  8. What visual signs are signs of emotional expression?
  9. What techniques gives social workers advantage over school counseling faculty?
  10. Define the NASW version of evidenced-based practice.
  11. Define evidence-based practice in schools.
  12. What is the modality of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)? What does it not look for in dealing with the problem versus what it focuses on?
  13. Describe Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT).
  14. Compare and contrast Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder.
  15. Discuss the age that Autism is diagnosed and how the diagnosis is achieved.
  16. List the three types of ADHD.
  17. What are the characteristics of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)? What defenses do a person display? What are the telltale signs of PTSD? What is the most effective form of treatment for PTSD in children and adolescents?
  18. What are the symptoms of anxiety? List the types of anxiety. What is the most advantageous treatment for children with anxiety disorders?
  19. How are eating disorders characterized? What are the three eating disorder types found in school-aged children?
  20. What are the current drugs of choice among adolescents? What has been a successful mode of assessment and treatment in substance abuse?
  21. What three modes of therapy are most effective for adolescents struggling with substance abuse?
  22. Define crisis? What are the responses to crisis?
  23. What is the purpose of crisis intervention therapy?
  24. What does Intrapsychic Humanism help children seek out? What are the goals of this intervention?
  25. Define attachment.
  26. Name and expound upon the three patterns of attachment in children.
  27. When conducting Play Therapy, when does therapy begin? What is important to do before the sessions begin?
  28. Describe Sand Tray Therapy

Sample Solution

Main conflict The main conflict of the novel is that the governess is seeing the apparitions of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, and she is worried whether they will harm the children. Although it can be debated whether these ghosts are real, if these ghosts did exist, they would most directly affect Flora and Miles by negatively influencing them with immoral ideas or physical harm. The governess is involved since it seems only she is able to see these apparitions (or at least the children do not want to acknowledge them) and she is responsible for taking care of the children, so if harm were to befall them, she would feel guilty and be fired from her job. Mrs. Grose is indirectly involved in this conflict as well since she also cares deeply for Flora and Miles, and she is the person who consoles the governess and supports her goal of getting rid of the ghosts. Commentary on plot, etc. Values of Characters The Governess: The governess wishes the best for each individual person in the novel, which is evident through her caring personality towards Miles and Flora. The governess’ purpose is to provide an example to the readers that supernatural elements cannot only harm someone physically but also mentally. The society of the book influenced the governess because back in the 1800s, people believed in supernatural elements which are exemplified by witchcraft trials previously. In addition, the members of society discuss the past events regarding those who were in the governess’s former place. Therefore, it acts as a way to play with the governess’s mental state in order to develop the behavior and reactions she has to the two characters, who are preconceived as ghosts. Mrs. Grose: Mrs. Grose believes in holding trust among the governess despite the governess’s constant suspicion. In addition, she also makes sure the children are being cared for properly just like the governess because she had taken care of the children prior to the arrival of the governess. Mrs. Grose’s purpose is to be the housekeeper in Bly and she plays the role of the only source that is available to obtain information about Miss Jessel and Peter Quint. The society of the book influenced Mrs. Grose through the concept of higher status. In the novel, Mrs. Grose’s employer is superior to her and the person of higher rank in society causes her to fear to anger her employer, which prevents her from involving the employer into the conflict early. Miles: Miles is one of the two children that the governess is taking care. Throughout the plot, he values working together with his sister such as switching spots in distracting the governess. In addition, he also values his relationship with Peter Quint. He has become corrupt from Quint influencing negatively by teaching him bad words when they spent so much time together. Miles’s purpose in the book is to play the role of the deception towards the governess with his attractiveness and charming personality. He distracts the governess from noticing his abnormality and cleverness in order to convince the governess that her time taking care of the children will be perfectly normal and run smoothly. Society has influenced Miles through the personalities of the other members of the society due to Miles’s young age and inabi

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