ASSIGNMENT 3 Individuals with Special Needs

ASSIGNMENT 3 Individuals with Special Needs

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sections 7-8 write from two website that describe my disability then evaluate it, tell if it good or not. And what could be improve.

Task Description    Each student will select a disability and create a paper on the disability I choice Autism”. A sign-up sheet will be handed out in class and each student will sign up for a different disability.
Please note that you should not select a mental health disorder. Your instructor will check your chosen topic. Students should use information from the library resources based on their topic of study and suggested online resources.
•    The paper will include the definition, characteristics of the disability, prevalence, causes, general teaching strategies, and a critique of at least two web sites that focus on teaching strategies.
•    Include a short report of how the student with disability be supported by the general education and special education teacher in the inclusive classroom, specify their roles in meeting the educational goals of this student with special needs in the classroom.
•    The paper should be at least 1500 words, not including the references.
•    Ensure that you write your paper using paragraphs- do not make lists with bullet points.
•    The references should include no less than 5 sources. A good source of acceptable resources can be found as online journal articles from the college library database.
•    Use a maximum of 2 direct quotes from your references. Each quote must not exceed 4 lines in length.
•    Use Times New Roman, size 12 font with double-spacing and black ink throughout.
•    Use person-first language.
•    Please ensure correct use of indented paragraphs.
•    ECAE’s plagiarism policy and procedures will be followed.
•    APA style must be used. Please use the examples of correct APA references and citations to guide you.
Learning Outcomes Met    3, 4
Weighting    30 % (100 points)
Final Due Date    Submission Guidelines: Please submit your paper in the dropbox located on D2L.
Provide a hard copy of the research paper to the instructor.

Week 13, Thursday 11th December, 2014 before 2:30PM (or you can submit before the due date)

Grading Criteria     The marking for the parts of the research paper will encompass:
1.    The Introduction to disability and definitions
2.    Characteristics
3.    Prevalence
4.    Causes
5.    Psychological and behavioral implications
6.    Educational interventions
7.    Critique of website # 1
8.    Critique of website # 2
9.    Report on the roles of the teachers in meeting the educational goals of the student in the inclusive classroom
10.    APA format and references
Late Penalty     Unless special circumstances are agreed with the lecturer and a late submission request form is completed, any assignment submitted up to 3 working days late will receive a maximum score of 69% (Grade C). Work submitted more than 3 working days late will receive a fail grade.


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