Genre and Music


Select a genre that you are already familiar with and consider at least 3 films in the genre that you could analyze—preferably movies you have seen before so that you’re not starting from scratch. If you’re still not sure what is meant by genre and how this formulaic approach to moviemaking functions in the economy of cinema, read pp. 123 – 124 in our textbook.

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Michael Moore Videos


Michael Moore paper ( Economic ). Love him or hate him, as a student of Sociology, you should be familiar with him. You will watch one of his movies in class with us or on your own. You will discuss any one of his movies as it relates to our class info in another formal three to four page paper. This paper will be in A.P.A. style with a reference section.

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Company’s innovation value chain.

Viewing innovation as an end-to-end process rather than focusing on a part allows you to spot both the weakest and the strongest links.
Which Innovation Strategy Is Right for You?
There are many excellent innovation perspectives, as this small sample of published works indicates. The innovation value chain provides a framework for managers to sort out which approaches make the most sense for their companies to adopt.

Rate your company’s innovation value chain. If you want to improve your company’s innovation performance, start with the questionnaire.

For this assignment, complete these steps:

  1. Describe your company’s innovation value chain.
  2. Complete the questionnaire.
  3. Then have 5-10 employees from a cross-section of functions within the company fill out this questionnaire.
  4. Calculate the average score for each activity and focus your attention on the highest one or two numbers—these are your weakest links.
  5. Summarize your findings from the questionnaire and add your reactions to the findings.
  6. Provide three recommendations to address the weakest links.
  7. Explain why your recommendations would be effective.
  8. Comment on the likelihood of being able to apply your recommendations.
    Mechanics: This assignment is to be submitted as an academic essay. You are required to reference the readings and articles that provide evidence of effectiveness for your proposed plan. Give your paper a title, a brief introduction, and a conclusion. Adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for citation and references. Limit it to 750-1,250 words (3-5 pages) typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1″ margins.

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Uber’s Financial Projections


A. Project the company’s likely consolidated financial performance for each of the next three years. Support your analysis with an appendix spreadsheet showing actual results for the most recent year, along with your projections and assumptions. Remember that your supervisor is interested in fresh perspectives, so you should not just replicate existing financial statements: You should add other relevant calculations or disaggregations to help inform decisions.
B. Modify your projections for the coming year to show a best- and worst-case scenario based on the potential success factors and risks you identified. As with your initial projections, support your analysis with an appendix spreadsheet, specifying your assumptions and including relevant calculations and disaggregations beyond those in the existing financial reports.
C. Discuss how your assumptions, forecasting methodology, and information gaps affect your projections. Why are your projections appropriate? For example, are they consistent with the company’s mission and priorities? Aggressive but achievable? How would changing your assumptions change your projections?

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Poem Analysis

Compare and contrast multiple poems, focus on specific elements of a few poems, or something entirely different. However, this essay must be different from your other three essays; you rnay not repeat an approach you have used in the first three essays. If you have an idea that you are not sure is acceptable, send an email; I will respond quickly with approval or guidance (maybe both).
Example approaches mentioned in assignment #2:
• Select two poems on the same theme and discuss the approaches to the theme • discuss how characters, setting, and tone impact the meaning of two poems on the same theme
• Discuss how time, place, and or culture impact meaning
Use the Writing Resources page to guide you and the generic information about your writing assignments included below.

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Application of ratio and trend analysis.

This project allows students the opportunity to perform critical thinking, by addressing specific financial trends and industry comparisons for a company of their choosing. This project will be a comparison/contrast paper that shows a demonstration of the application of financial analysis and critical thinking in a large organization. The student will be performing trend analysis and industry comparisons on 3-4 years worth of financial statement data (whatever tells the story).

Trend Analysis & Ratio Analysis
Ratio analysis uses percentage or decimal calculations of comparison to at least two different sets of financial data. You are comparing how one relates (compares) to another. Decision makers use ratios because they illuminate relationships between financial data taken from the company’s statements.

Although ratio analysis can be used to evaluate financial performance, the number, by itself, does not reveal the entire story. To take the analysis to the next level, one must engage in trend analysis. Trend analysis utilizes the aforementioned ratios and shows the changes in those ratios, over time. Stakeholders can use trend analysis to not only compare “this year” to “last year” for this company, but can compare each year to the industry as a whole and even to the number one competitor for benchmarking purposes.

When you are setting up your paper, it would help to group your ratios and analysis together by content area (profitability, debt management, asset utilization, liquidity, and market value ratios).

Choose a publicly traded, publicly held, U.S. company. This means you need to pick a company that is public and has stock that trades on the exchange. You will use a variety of sites to find your financial data. Start with either Yahoo! Finance site or These two sites will allow you to capture at least one year of data for each of the two companies you are going to review as well as the industry ratios you will need. You will need to acquire annual reports for the company sites for years older than the most current year. You will need to review three – five years of financial information on this company, more years of data will produce a more thorough analysis.

Specific areas of analysis are noting major ratio categories and identifying whether the trend is up or down, whether that is good or bad, and why. Once the data are gathered, analyzed, and trends revealed; the student will acquire the same information for a competitor within the same industry. The same ratio and trend analysis will be gathered for the competitor. A comparison will ensue, identifying specific strengths and weaknesses of various components of the financial statements. Upon completion of the original company trend analysis and the competitor’s trend analysis, an analysis and trend comparison with the industry is required. This will allow the student to demonstrate an understanding of financial ratios and what trends are present between two different companies in one industry, as well as, being able to determine the position of the industry and be able to project future trends and how the company being evaluated can budget for changes in the industry.
So . . . .what is required . . . .

  1. Your chosen company (financial ratios and trend analysis)
    a. Using the data provided at the Yahoo! Finance site, use the ratios in the textbook and determine the status of your chosen company based on those ratios. Also, identify any trends you notice and what the impact might be if those trends continue. The ratios you will be reviewing are the same ratios; as you will find in your textbook. Note that some of these ratios may not be applicable to your company. Some ratios are specific to certain types of firms. Not all firms carry significant accounts receivable as an example.
  2. A competitor in the same industry (financial ratios and trend analysis)
    a. Using the data provided at the site, use the ratios in the textbook and determine the status of your chosen competitor based on those ratios. Also, identify any trends you notice and what the impact might be if those trends continue.
  3. The industry as a whole; how does your chosen company compare and what evaluations can you make (predict) for future financial success?
    a. Review industry data and determine where these two companies fit within that industry. Are they leaders/followers? What does the future hold for this industry?
  4. Using your chosen company and the current conditions in the financial markets, assume the firm needs to raise a large amount of cash. Compare the choices of raising these funds in the capital market (selling new shares of stock) versus the bond market (debt financing), and make a decision as to what is best and why. Also, consider ethical implications of financial reporting and how it relates to acquiring additional investors and accessing markets for additional capital.
  5. Take one of the following positions and justify your decision:
    a. You are a banker who has been approached by this company to borrow a sum of money (you decide how much, and why). Based on the company’s financials and its future business prospects, would you loan the money? Why or why not.
    b. You are an investor with a large sum of money (or a company looking for an investment), and buying either the company or shares of stock in the company is being considered. Determine, based on the company’s financials and its future business prospects, whether you will invest in this company or not.

There is no specific number of pages required to do this assignment, but past experience has shown it takes at least 10-12 pages of text to adequately complete this assignment. This is a critical thinking assignment so all the specifics are not laid out in front of you. You must research, assess, analyze, and strategize about the company you have chosen, the competitors, and the industry as a whole.

When using the Yahoo! Finance site or other similar financial sites, you are going to have access to a large volume of data, as well as company websites. Understand this must be cited using APA methodology. DO NOT COPY and PASTE anything from this or other sources without proper citing.

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Pack Journalism

Define term, explain the significance, and incorporate examples. Please make each term about a paragraph long or more.

Pack Journalism
Horse Race Coverage
Executive office of the presidency

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Public Debate

Is the death penalty an appropriate punishment for criminals who have tortured and killed people?


1.) Please write a proposed one-sentence thesis statement for the topic listed above. Remember, this single sentence thesis statement has a clear stance and is never a question.

2.) Use the peer-reviewed source that is attached: “Personality and Individual Differences” and include either a short quotation and/or paraphrase with the in-text citation and a works cited entry for this source in MLA form. *Note: To receive credit for this question, the source must be peer-reviewed and correctly cited (a hanging indent is not required to receive credit).

3.) Rogerian Style Short Outline
Give a tentative outline for your Rogerian style essay using the topic above. Make sure to include the following sections in your essay: introduction and claim, background, body, and conclusion. Within the body of your Rogerian essay, make sure to include the following in any order: the background for your chosen topic, the opposition, the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent’s claim, scholarly research, your claim, discuss the warrants for your claim and the opposition in order to find the common ground, and show the common ground between your opponent’s claim and your claim.

Use the Following Example to write the outline:

I. Introduction and thesis
II. Background Info
a. First example
b. Second etc.
III. Show Understanding of Opposition
a. Fairly present and show value of first reason of other side
b. Fairly present and show value of second reason of other side
(**You might have multiple paragraphs for multiple sides.)

IV. Assert your Position
a. First reason
b. Second reason
(might have multiple paragraphs for multiple sides) V. Demonstrate Common Ground a. Show concessions in some (not all) situations based on context b. Show higher interest, goal, or benefit achieved
(** This also might be in the conclusion.)

VI. Conclusion
a. Summary
b. Implications

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