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AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act comparison to the act in CA

Compare the credentialing and regulation of veterinary technicians in the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act with the credentialing and regulation of veterinary technicians in the Veterinary Practice Act and Administrative Regulations in the state where you live. Ensure you include some general information about each of the acts, highlighting the similarities and differences between the model practice act and the practice act in your state. Information about what it means to become a credentialed vet tech and the process to become credentialed in your state should be included.’

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problematic because it eliminates any real discussion from ever being had in fear of that discussion leading to argumentation. Not only does the phrase eliminate discussion, it eliminates the personal responsibility of our interactions. Emotions play a lead role in our speech and thoughts. Another reason that the phrase “I feel like” is an issue is that it squanders the chance for emotion to be displayed through words. This can make someone seem like they show no empathy, or that they simply do not care at all. According to the article “Stop Saying ‘I Feel Like’”, neuroscientist Anthony Damasio says that the phrase is simply “laziness in thinking” and that it “conceals more than it reveals”. The phrase is elusive to actual thought and emotion. Similarly to the use of “I feel like”, linguist Deborah Cameron showcases how the word “just” can be overly apologetic as if in a way to say “sorry for speaking, but…”. Cameron places more focus on the context of the word, though. This emphasis shows that the word “just” isn’t always apologetic, but can rather be assertive in explaining how good or bad something actually was. Both of these phrases have a tendency to eliminate the perception of confidence from the recipient. Along with Cameron’s focus on the word “just”, there is also a portion on vocal patterns, especially those common to women like upward inflection and how those patterns can influence how one’s confidence is perceived. The issue with upward inflection in one’s voice is that it makes every sentence seem like it may have been doubted, therefore harming the credibility. Deborah Cameron also focused on a lawyer named “Hanna” that went through speech therapy to eliminate her high pitched voice so she could sound more “authoritative”. She spoke in shorter phrases and in a bigger voice. This speech therapy was to help create the perception that Hanna was, in fact, a figure of authority, not just some airhead running around. Essentially, the speech therapy helped eliminate the feminine patterns in her voice and language that undermined her authority. Further, there is a strong relationship between the use of language and the recipient’s perception of the speaker. From personal experience, I have learned that a person does not always need to speak with big

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