Barriers to Innovation: Comparing the Barriers in Microsoft and Research in Motion

Innovation is a core determinant of success in modern day business environment. For instance, in a survey by the American Management Association, 90 per cent of respondents considered innovation to be a core aspect determining long-term survival (Jamrog 2006 cited in Fortuin & Omta 2009, p. 839). Whereas creativity involves generating ideas, which could involve such aspects as brainstorming sessions, innovation entails “the sifting, refining and … the implementation of those ideas” (Gurteen 1998, p. 5). Accordingly, although creativity is important in such processes as opportunity identification, innovation is what provides an entity with a tool for competition by bringing the identified ideas into action. Drucker (1985), defining innovation, therefore noted it to be “the specific tool of entrepreneurs” (cited in McAdam, McConvery & Armstrong 2004, p. 206). In an environment where increasing globalisation, decreasing product lifecycles and changing customer preferences are the norm, an organisation’s capacity to innovate becomes a core determinant of success (McAdam, McConvery & Armstrong 2004).

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