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Basic web and social media audit for your client

Conduct a basic web and social media audit for your client using at TWO online listening tools. You may select a listening tool discussed in class, or another that you have access to. You may also use multiple listening tools to conduct your audit.

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rotection of al-din (Religion) at a personal level is achieved through the observance of the different kind of ‘ibadah. At the society level by practice and respect the religion. Protection of al-din at government level by enforcement of the shariah ruling in all aspect of life, and make it a reference to all kind of dispute and arbitrations. Protection of al-din has a wider scope involves defending Islamic faith particularly, if it is being attacked by the enemy of Islam. 2: Protection of Life (Al-Nafs) The Shariah has enacted harsh punishment for those who kill others in order to protect life. Shariah as well implement various rules and regulation to protect life from abuse, harm. In the light of the above shariah provide the criminal law to ensure the protection of life. 3: Protection of (Nasl) human being (Al-‘Ird) Family Protection of dignity includes the protection of individual rights and privacy and not exposing or accusing others of misbehaviours. Islam has regulated the relationship between men and women in order to protect their dignity. One of the ways of protecting the dignity is the prohibition of adultery. Punishments for those involved in false accusation and adultery are meant to protect dignity. 4: Protection of Intellect or Mind (Al-‘Aql) Al-‘aql or the intellect is a great gift from Allah s.w.t. to mankind. This is one of the capacities that differentiate man from animals. Islam has given the right to freedom of expression to protect the intellect. Islam encourages the acquisition of knowledge and forbids any activities detrimental to the mind. Shariah punish those who are involved in activities which detrimental the mind. Shariah forbid any food or drink which can affect the mind such as alcohol. 5: Protection of Property (Al-Mal) Property is one of the necessities of mankind. It should be acquired in a legitimate way. Allah (s.w.t) said: “And do not eat up your property amo

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