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Violence and Sacrifice and the role they do or should play in liberation and/or freedom: [Focus is primarily on Essay #3 of “The Ethics of Ambiguity”, Parts 2 & 3; You may also consider some of the questions posed for theme #2 above]. Questions to consider (you should not try to answer all these questions, but instead use them to choose a thesis statement upon which to build your own argument and to also discuss some aspect of “Ethics of Ambiguity” that is related to the above stated theme: Those sets of questions below in boldface are most central to this theme, but feel free to also select from among the other questions, especially if they are relevant to what you want to discuss and argue.)

What, if anything, justifies violence and why or how and by whom? (What does Beauvoir say about this in Essay #3, Part 3, “The Antinomies of Action”?) Does violence already exist in a society where there is widespread oppression, even if there is not open conflict? In other words, does it take violence by oppressors to oppress other people? Does violence necessarily involve sacrifice (and sacrifice of those on one’s own side as well as the other side in a conflict) and introduce a failure into our undertakings, or do all actions already have the possibility of failure, according to Beauvoir? According to you? What exactly is sacrificed – is it only one’s physical life or does it include more than that? How might that sacrifice be characterized by those who suffer it or whose relatives or fellow members of a society suffer it? Would they be victims or heroes? Or martyrs? Or fools? Might it depend upon whether or not a battle ends in defeat or victory? Might some battles be “never-ending”? Does the exercise of authority or governing itself always presume a role for violence? How might sacrifice apply to both sides in a conflict? You should draw upon either Beauvoir’s own examples or examples from today’s society in your discussion and argument.

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The last point is the accumulation of extreme events. The USA experiences more and more record high temperatures every year, congruously the record low temperatures occur fewer than ever. However extreme events also include heat waves, droughts, floods, cyclones, and wildfires. Changes in the earth’s system diversity also follow as a response to weather and climate extremes. Species that prove unable to adapt to the new circumstances will ultimately disappear or have to surrender to more successfully adapted species. An increased number of strong blusters with mounting intensity is also an indicator for these extreme events, just like frequent insect infestations. Insects are the profiteers of global changes in wind patterns and/or sea level rise, as they can be transported great distances into regions usually not inhabited by them (Dukes 2009). Global changes can also cause epidemic diseases dangerous for humans, as wind and sea can transport disease vectors communicated by insects. Diseases are especially dangerous; As a side effect they result in the attenuation of a population’s resilience and ability to counteract or even respond to climate as well as other stressors. The consequences of such extremes range from the disruption of food production and water supply to increased rates of morbidity and mortality and consequences for the physical and psychological health of human beings (IPCC 2014). There are quite a few ways to survey climatic extremes, as these can be very diverse. In order to monitor severe storms, it is possible to track the annual storm number together with maximum wind speed, geographic storm tracks, precipitation and flash floods. With regard to insect infestations and whether they were dislocated, taking the number of insect infestations, the insect type, the land cover of the infestations, the crop impacts and the historic recurrence into account is helpful. Human diseases can be evaluated by the number and type of epidemics and the impacts they had concerning the fatalities or in general the number hospitalised, the historic recurrence and the geographically affected area.

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