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Bell Hooks Cultural Criticism video series

Bell Hooks is one of the the great social scholars of our time who sadly passed away this year. She coined the term “white supremecist capitalist patriarchy” as a framework to understand the interlocking systems of domination that affect our world on every level.

Watch the Bell Hooks Cultural Criticism video series
There are 8 parts, each about 10 min long. Part 5 and 8 are no longer available because of copywrite issues. This series was made in the 1990’s. There will be films and events that you may not know about that she is discussing, however, listen closely to the way she is talking about the importance of representation.

Bell Hooks: Part 1-8 Playlist Link :

As you watch, reflect and write on the following.

  1. For each section, share what ideas resonate with you the most and how they connect to the ways we have been critically analyzing Black social dance as it relates to white supremecist capitalist patriarchy. A few sentences for each section is enough.

Part Two:

  1. How has your perception of Hip Hop dance culture changed over the course of the semester?
  2. What are you curious to know more about at this point?
  3. What do you wish we would have covered in class?
  4. What were your favorite moments this semester?
  5. What did you learn about your fellow classmates this semester?
  6. Do you feel inspired to dance more from what you learned?

Sample Solution

importantly, is to ensure that the senior management are best equipped to lead the organisation successfully. However, further down the hierarchy Fielder’s contingency theory begins to hold much less relevance, it becomes impractical from a organisational perspective due to the number of people at this level of leadership. The logistics of matching the leader with their least preferred co-worker is impossible to consistently achieve, so a more continuum based approach is required. Figure 1: Chelladurai’s Multi-Dimensional Model of Leadership (Miller and Cronin, 2012) There are other contingency theories that provide a more continuum based approach such as Redding’s theory of leadership and management, however Fielder’s description of how situational factors affect the leadership style required for the situation is extremely useful in understanding the fundamentals of leadership (Pettinger, 2007). Chelladurai in his Multi Dimensional Model of Leadership, expands on much of Fiedler’s theory but in a continuum based approach, in which the leader can adapt their leadership style to fit the situation (Chelladurai and Madella, 2006). Chelladurai’s theory is taken from sports psychology but can be applied to an organisational scenario. It provides a much more empirical categorisation of task structure, clearly differentiating a plethora of situations that require certain leadership styles for success. Chealldurai found three characteristics that affect the leadership style required for a situation, called antecedents, they mainly expand upon Fiedler’s situational factors and leader – member relations and ultimately affect how a leader should behave towards a situation. The first are situational characteristics, the environment in which the leader must perform, the second are leader characteristics, the experience, personal qualities and skills of the leader, and the third are member characteristics, the motivation, skill and experience levels of group members (Chelladurai and Madella, 2006). The situational characteristics and member characteristics have a required behaviour to ensure maximum group performance, they also have a preferred behaviour to ensure the satisfaction of group members, if the leaders actual behaviour matches both the required behaviour and preferred behaviour of the situation the consequence is maximum group performance and satisfaction. However, if the group are not performing and achieving goals or are not satisfied or both, then the leader is able to amend their actual behaviour to improve this. Leaders able to monitor performance and satisfaction, and understa

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