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“Biaxial tensile behavior of geosynthetic reinforced material”

1) The first part should focus on:
• What is geosynthetic and its history?
• Why is it useful for geotechnical/civil engineering?
• Type of geosynthetics (geotextiles, geogrids, geonets, geomembrane, geosynthetic clay liners, geofoam, and geocomposite)
• What are they used for? (functions: separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and containment) explain the functions and how they are useful
• Include pictures of the geosynthetic materials
2) Second part:
• All tension tests types associated with the geosynthetics (brief explanation from ASTM associated with it, this does not have to be in details). Please let me know what tensile tests are you including in the second
• Focus on wide width tensile test (ASTM associated with it, this has to be in details)
• Focus on the creep tensile test (ASTM associated with it, this has to be in details) and write about the confined and unconfined test for it
3) Third part:
• Focus on radial tension test (ASTM associated with it, this has to be in details)
• Write about the biaxial behavior for confined and unconfined

Sample Solution

ils of the design. On the other side, Pfleeger and Atlee decided to focus on the risks that are related to change and state that Bohner and Arnolds impact analysis can have many risks such as estimates of the resources, effort and schedule. P2: Evaluate the ways in which internal and external drivers of change affect leadership, team and individual behaviours within an organisation. Leaders can influence and help guide colleagues under them, so the organisation can be more effective in achieving their goals. Some leadership styles that are affected by external factors are organisational environment, organisational resources, employee roles, organisational culture, political factors and technology Organisations have their own work environments with their own values. These values are the care the organisation has for their community, staff, investors and customers and also determine how the business will be led. Leaders are dependent on their organisation’s resources such as technology, finance and physical resources to help achieve their goals. The success of an organisation depends on how well resources are handled and distributed. When employees take an important role in the organisation. Their position is defined by tasks and responsibilities that they have. Each employee has a different way in approaching tasks that can impact their career. They also effect the organisation by their work ethics and personal values. Each role will have difficulties that leaders must face to help the business.

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