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Biblical principles

Provide a practical application of material learned by developing concepts learned in the
presentations. Using these concepts, you will investigate the recent political
history of your congressional district and state, the rise to power and voting
record of your Representative to the United States Congress and one of your
United State Senators. Determine if your representatives keep their
promises when they go to Washington and determine in their voting record aligns
with Biblical principles and your own beliefs.

Sample Solution

The government pay structure policy that comes into effect in 2016 has been hotly debated by all concerned with both sides giving their reasons. The government, under the chancellor George Osborne, is set to introduce a minimum living wage, for those under 25 years of age which will be £6.70, with under 21 year olds getting a minimum of £5.30 while those under 18 years will be paid £3.87, which comes to effect April 2016. And some government ministers have supported the idea with some ridiculous claims, with most bizarre support coming from Matthew Hancock, a cabinet minister, saying under 25’s don’t deserve the living wage because they are “not as productive” as their older counterparts. (Matt Dathan. 2015). And Mr Hancock even went further by saying that youths in China worker harder just because he is married to a Chinese lady, but did he put into consideration the cost of living in China as well as the social benefits i.e. lower cost of living, the youths in China enjoys compared to British youth. And to compare the youths of Britain to those of China is as ridiculous as one can think of. And the honourable minister should also bear in mind, that in China prices are lower compared to United Kingdom. ( 2015) Nevertheless, to solely say that under 25’s are not hard working enough “a punch below the belt”. The truth is that the government seems to have forgotten how it is to be a 25 years old. This is the age in which people tend to start building for the future, this is the age where most people are just getting out of graduate school, this the average age when people starts making families. Thus, this is the age when most people start a new chapter in their life. And I guess Mr Hancock was never at the developmental age. With prices and other cost of living going up and jobs scarcity affecting the economy it is right to say that the minimum wage is not enough for anyone to live with. To understand the implication of such amount one has to look at the cost of things in the market to be able comprehend such ridiculousness of such amount. To survive on such amount one has to work more unsocial hours. What seems to come out of this is the belief that the government has in a way encourage the use, and application, of cheap labour in the market place as the pay will not be in par with the job been asked to do. Some employers will end up abusing their authority in dealing with their workers. And the cultures of some businesses will be take it or leave it. If the government is serious about getting people, especially young people, back to work and off benefits, then minimum wage it is proposing will not make being on dole less more attractive simply because the pay will not amount to anytime in comparison to the rate of inflation. With the current economic crunch, it’s the youths that are bearing the brunt most, which officials has placed a figure of about just over one million unemployed youths under the age of 25 years of age. While the government is the trying the to blame the Eurozone slowdown on the job market but critics are accusing the government for not focusing on the real problem effecting the economic in Britain. (Katie Allen. 2011) Fears that young people

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