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Biden’s decision to terminate private prison contracts

Watch this video
Journal entries allow you to demonstrate engagement with the course concepts. In this first entry, please reflect
on the week 3 content and week 4 discussion and address the following questions:
What are your major takeaways/questions from the Week 3 content and Week 4 discussion? Cite 2 specific
examples of content or discussion points that resonated with you or left you with further questions.
Describe an example that you may have experienced first-hand or heard about in the news or social media
about how one’s privilege was leveraged (I.e. Lori Loughlin’s husband’s request to be released from jail, wage
inequities for essential workers, Covid vaccine distribution or testing, Biden’s decision to terminate private
prison contracts, K-12 school closures in NJ, breach of the Capital in DC, etc.) and how this may have
impacted you.
How did the live discussion impact any previous ideas you may have had about identity and privilege? In what
ways will the discussion serve to enlighten or broadened your perspective or lens other others in the world or
your civic engagement?

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Gunpowder was invented by the Chinese, it was made up of charcoal or sugar and sulfur. The Chineses shipped gunpowder on the silk road by a lot of different ways. First recorded Firearm was in 1364, which was the “hand cannon.” In Europe, they made the matchlock gun. Colt made their revolver in the 17th century as the beginning of the revolver. After the revolutionary war, the west made the first fully automatic gun, as well as Samuel Colt. Flintlock was the next major weapon technology was in 1640. The Winchester rifle was brought into production in 1873 with the first shotgun. When gunpowder was invented by the Chinese, it was made up of charcoal or sugar and sulfur.(see appendix A) The carbon from the charcoal mixed with the sulfur and an added heat charge makes the explosion. The carbon dioxide and the charcoal provide the propelling action. Gunpowder makes a lot of smoke that can impair vision.(Partington, 2015) Gunpowder is used for a lot of different warfare weapons. The Chinese shipped gunpowder on the silk road. Gunpowder was first used for fireworks by the Chinese. In 919 A.D. gunpowder was used for bombs in military combat. The Chineses created the “fire cannon” that was launched by a catapult.(see appendix B) In 1126 the fire cannons were made with bamboo and couldn’t travel very far.(Nelson, 2010) It took two people to reload the cannons. Gunpowder was sent to a lot of places by many different ways. they would use animals, like birds or hogs to send the gunpowder. Then they used it to put on arrows wrapped in paper or bamboo. They also would put it in craights then on carts and set it on fire to use as a giant bomb. Then later the Chinese used it for what was called a “hand cannon” which was the first recorded gun. (Whips, 2008).

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