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Board of Directors meeting for a non-profit, a community event to raise awareness

Attend an event in the community (a Board of Directors meeting for a non-profit, a community event to raise awareness about a need, a fundraiser, CSB Board Meeting). Given COVID this can be a virtual event (and in fact reflects how many current events are conducted).You should interact in a professional manner as you gather information and make observations.

Observe others during the meeting/event and take notes as appropriate.
Generally your observations should include:
• What is the issue/need of focus?
• What is the purpose of the event? Informative? Fundraising? Address a community need?
the location of the event? Easy access for all? Format? Incentives?
• Use your knowledge about groups; what do you notice about group process, dynamics, do you notice particular group member roles?
• Who seems to have the power is it shared? Is there a clear leader…is it by title only…does someone else actually lead?
• How do people interact.
• Who is in attendance?
• Is there structure to the event? (Roberts rules of conduct, chaos, minimal structure)
• Other observations

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The current state of Venezuela, demonstrates the profligacy exhibited that lead to fiscal dominance of monetary policy. In attempt to diminish the gap between spending and revenue, a government may decide to fund expenditures via tax revenues – bonds that are to be paid back through future tax revenues or through central bank seigniorage – could be implemented. Seigniorage reliance from the government is likely to govern a lack of incline to continue using a currency which is losing value. Part of the seigniorage serves a purpose as an inflation tax. The rate of inflation acts as a tax rate therefore an increasing rate of inflation would result in higher levels of revenue for the government. This however, is dependent on the public’s willingness to maintain real money balances as an increase in inflation means a decrease in money balances available for public holding – potentially limiting the revenue generated by the government. In essence, hyperinflation can potentially be perceived as a large scale taxation scheme. During periods of inflation, the real purchasing power of tax revenues decline. Constant expenditures lead to a larger budget deficit as a result of the reductions in the real value of revenues. This tendency of inflation to increase the real budget deficit is referred to as the Tanzi effect. During hyperinflation, however, the Tanzi effect reduces the real value of tax revenues. It’s deemed that so long as individuals remain confident in fiscal authorities and their ability to respond to inflation – via the means of increasing taxes or decreasing expenditures – they will hold money as a means of exchange and store of value. However, upon the emergence of the Tanzi effect, people’s confidence in the government’s ability to manage the deficit is disrupted, prompting them to reduce their holdings of real money balances (Niskanen Center 2018). It’s apparent that the Venezuelan government spending is significantly exceeding that which it is taking in and therefore putting them in a budget deficit. The government ceased releasing statistics with regards to the magnitude of the country’s budget deficit a few years ago. Nevertheless, reducing it is deemed a prime concern. However the CIA have estimated that the deficit is approximately 46% of the countries gross domestic pr

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