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Brand strategy for a hybrid car

Develop a brand strategy for a hybrid car. To come up with a strategy, answer the following questions:
How will it be positioned relative to other plug-in hybrids currently under development or in the marketplace?
How will it be launched in the selected target market?
Describe what activities will be conducted to build the image of the brand.

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The second source evaluated in depth is Robert M. Citino’s presentation in the International Conference on World War II at the National WWII Museum in 2013. The purpose of this presentation is to provide a tactical – how the generals’ plans for the battle– and operational – how it really turned out – approach to the Battle of Kursk in an entertaining way to the audience. The content of the source outlines the course of the battle, from the beginning of the Battle of Kursk to the end of the battle when Hitler ordered the halt of the operation, through two perspective: military tactical perspective and operational perspective. One value of the source is that the address provides insights from the preparation of the Battle of Kursk and doesn’t only focus on the course of the battle. By providing information about the German’s and the Soviet’s preparation, the source gave the audience a better understanding of the outcome of the battle. Other value is the fact that Citino’s address presents multiple perspectives: the German and the Soviet generals’ perspectives and German factors and the Soviet factors that contribute to the outcome of the war. However, one limitation is that Citino had only about 70 minutes to present. Therefore, he may have not given all the details due to the time limit. The purpose, to present the facts in an entertaining way, is also another limitation as some of his points maybe exaggerated or blurred for the purpose of entertainment. Section 2: Investigation The Battle of Kursk (July 5–August 23, 1943) was an unsuccessful German assault on the Soviet salient around the city of Kursk during World War II. Prior to the Operation Citadel, which was a German offensive to take Kursk and led to the Battle of Kursk, the Heer (German Army) was facing a shortage in infantry and artillery. To initiate the offensive, Germans moved the majority of their Panzer units near Kursk, increasing the chance of Red Army to counterattack and weakening other fronts. Furthermore, the German industries were unable to replace damaged war equipment. On the other hand, the intelligence gathered by the Soviet and German troop concentrations spotted at Orel and Kharkov (map in Appendix A) alarmed the Soviet in advance, enabling them to fortify Kursk. It seemed like the Red Army had the upper hand. But, the Soviet defences were ineffective against the Germans and had to suffer from heavy losses during the battle. In fact, historians argue that the war was not a Soviet victory. In fact, the Western Allies have saved the Soviets as they landed on Sicily, and Hitler had to halt the Operation Citadel and pull the forces out of the Battle of Kursk in a fear of Western Allied invasion of mainland Europe. The Germans were ill prepared for the Operation Citadel, as they did not have the resources, like manpower and oil, and industrial capacity to initiate and sustain the offensive. Prior to the operation, the German army suffered from the results of Operation Barbarossa that resulted in a shortage of infantry and artillery. By

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