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Business Capstone

You have recently graduated college and have been hired by a global company to analyze the current business climate and operations company-wide.
Describe what attributes you need to consider in selecting the company for your capstone project.
For your first discussion, you must choose a global company with operations in at least 3 countries. (Your instructor will let you know through this discussion if your company is a viable option.)
II. Assignment Details
Your direct manager has asked you to explain why the cost of debt is different from the cost of equity and to differentiate between the real risk-free rate and the nominal risk-free rate of interest.
Describe which interest rate is used to assign value to an asset.
III. Assignment Details
Your direct manager was extremely impressed in your proficiency with the financials and sent your work over to the marketing department. Before the marketing department will release its data, the marketing manager would like you to answer a question about market growth strategies. Market growth is accomplished by one or more of the following strategies:
• Market penetration: Increasing market share
• Market development: New markets
• Product development: New products or services
• Diversification: Promoting new or expanding existing products to reach a new market
Remember that the diversification strategy requires additional funds and that the other three strategies use existing budgets.
Out of the four strategies, choose a strategy that best suits growth in your company, and justify how you would use this strategy.

The marketing manager discussed your marketing analysis and strategy with the operations management team. The team has determined that you are the ideal person for this next phase of the business plan evaluation.
The success of a project requires attention to resource planning. As you advance in the company, it is time for you to show expertise involving project budgets and schedules to ensure that the proper attention is given to resource planning.
Explain the order in which leveling, scheduling, and budgeting should be in relation to the scheduling needs of the project. Provide details about what scheduling will do vis-à-vis setting up the leveling aspect for success. Likewise, discuss how leveling leads to the last aspect: budgeting.

Sample Solution

The last approach I am going to mention is the addiction approach. The title to the approach is self-explanatory but holds certain interesting aspects to it. The theory to this approach is the same as an alcoholic. This also goes with the frustration/aggression hypothesis, with the person feeling discomfort between offenses and then being cured of that discomfort when a kill is made. In between killings, the killers grow that need for the kill. After a kill is made they have that feeling of calmness (this calmness could give the person a feeling of at ease and the ability to sleep). As with the addiction to pornography and sex, the serial murderer may be addicted to his peculiar activity. This addiction could be the reason for why they kill so many people (Mukherjee, 1998, 6). With all the studies and research that has been done on serial killers there should be some warning signs before it gets to the point of killing. This society is made up of many different levels of society and not all people pay close attention to family and friends. The future killer should receive counseling to help them recuperate from the abuse and the child’s violent behavior would not develop. If society became involved and made sure that each child was loved and treated well, many lives would be saved in the future. The bottom line of this paper is that serial killers develop as children because of the abuse they receive. Traumatic childhood experiences all lead to the development of the most frightening psychopath of all-The Serial Killer.

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