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• Choose one (1) organization, a company, that interests you.
• Complete all three sections listed below using this company as the basis for analyzing the company of your choice.
• Be sure to write your report in an APA style format and use citations.
Section One (50 Points)
Create a REPORT by analyzing and creating a strategic plan for this company.
In the process you will Answer the following questions and perform the necessary actions to complete the Case Study Report.

  1. What is the current status of the company: Mission; Size; # of employees etc.?
    (Business Descriiption)
  2. Analyze the organization and its environment using a SWOT Analysis of the Organization and Environments.
  3. What in the future might seriously threaten the success, perhaps the very existence, of this organization? Develop at least three future scenarios.
  4. Estimate the probability (0 to 100%) of each future scenario occurring.
  5. Develop a strategy for each scenario that will enable the organization to deal with it successfully.
  6. Defend each strategy. Cite current research, other readings or text information that supports your strategy for each scenario.
    Section Two (25 Points)
    Using Porter’s Model of five strategic forces affecting industry competition,
    Answer the following Questions:
  7. In which of the Three Settings does Your Company find itself?
    Monopoly? Oligopoly? Hyper-competition?
    Explain your answer.
  8. Identify the 5 forces impacting the attractiveness of an industry. Analyze the impact of each of the 5 forces on Your Company.
  9. Based on your analysis of Your Company, is Your Company in an
    Attractive or Unattractive Industry?
    Section Three (25 Points)
    Using the BCG Matrix approach for portfolio planning for your strategy formulation:
  10. Identify and define the four (4) strategic types.
  11. Analyzing Your Company’s business and product strategies based on the market growth rate for the industry and the market share held by Your Firm,
    Which Strategic Type best describes Your Company.
    Explain your answer.
    Report Format:
    USE APA (American Psychol

Sample Solution 

Section 1 - Project Objectives and by and large exploration approach 1.1 Reasons for Choosing the point and association Enthusiastically for Finance and a craving for abundance creation through putting resources into productive endeavors, I have consistently attempted to evaluate and examine the exhibition stocks (organization's) on the stock trade to see which may be productive. I therefor picked this subject since it would assist me with fostering the capacity to all the more likely examine organizations exhibitions, and furthermore to additional my vocation in finance. Throughout the span of my ACCA studies, I have been expected to assess the monetary exhibition (performing proportion examination) of associations, get ready and decipher budget reports (F5, F7, and F9), and to perform business examination. I therefor look to apply this information in a genuine circumstance subsequently this point appears to be great. Humanity has for a very long time, relied upon the tremendous abundance of assets underneath the planet's surface; from farming which was the significant action of early man to mining (the extraction of important minerals from the earth). Mining has been a significant supporter the worldwide economy. A review distributed in 2013 observed that the worldwide gold industry's commitment to the world's economy was in excess of 150 nations around the world, as this area alone created more than $171 billions (Cecilia Jamasmie, 2015). As indicated by Mark Cutifani, CEO of AngloGold Ashanti (2012), "mining straightforwardly or by implication drives over 45% of the world's total national output" (GDP) (Martin Creamer, 2012). This developing significance of the mining business to the worldwide economy was a critical driver to my choice of this area. I additionally end up working in the ranger service area that likewise manages the extraction of normal assets, this nearness to nature additionally added to my decision of industry I picked Fresnillo Plc on the grounds that it is perhaps of the biggest silver maker on the planet. The London-recorded organization works a few silver and mother lodes in Mexico. In spite of a drop in Mexican silver creation in 2014, the nation actually stayed the most elevated silver maker around the world, with Fresnillo at its front. The organization is versatile and has a designated creation result of in excess of 65 million ounces of silver by 2018 (Investing News Network, 2015). 1.2 Research points and goals Dissect and assess the monetary exhibition of Fresnillo Plc for the 3 years finished 31st December 2017 Distinguish the elements that have affected the business and monetary execution of Fresnillo over these years These goals would be accomplished by giving solutions to the accompanying inquiries: What has been the monetary presentation of Fresnillo Plc over the 3 years finishing 31st December 2017, in contrast with Tahoe Resources Inc.? How has the qualities, shortcomings, potential open doors, and dangers to Fresnillo, impacted their exhibition (both monetary and nonfinancial) over the long term period? How has Political, Economic, Social, and Technological elements impacted the presentation (monetary and nonfinancial) of Fresnillo? 1.3 Framework for RAP The report examinations the monetary exhibition of Fresnillo Plc for the 3 years finishing 31st December 2017. This is worked with by the utilization of proportions, for example, productivity, liquidity, equipping, and financial backer proportions. To more readily assess the presentation of Fresnillo, their exhibition is benchmarked against that of Tahoe Resources Inc.

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