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Business Ethics

You are the CEO of Flower Power, Inc., a fast growing chain of 100 florist shops based in the Southeastern United States. The company opened for business 5 years ago with just 20 employees and now has over 1500 employees.
The company is now in the process of installing a new computer network, which will, for the first time, link all of the company’s offices and locations. The company’s Chief Information Officer has approached you with a proposal to include a number of electronic surveillance features in the new network.

The proposed features include:

• The ability of all MIS staff to view any employee emails at any time
• The ability of all MIS staff to monitor what internet sites employees are viewing at any time
• The ability of all MIS staff to “shadow” PCs of any employees, at any time, without the consent of those employees (“shadowing” allows a person, such as the MIS staff person, to monitor all a user’s activity on your PC from a remote location without the user’s knowledge)
• If a PC or laptop is issued for an employee’s use away from the office for work use, all email and activities on that PC or laptop can be monitored as well
• Cameras will be installed on PCs of every employee, allowing all MIS staff to monitor activities of every employee in their workspaces at any time
Your approval is needed to install this network and these features.

  1. Two parts to this question:
    a) Define the term “dilemma” and
    b) Identify the ethical dilemma facing management.
  2. Two parts to this question:
    a) Who are the stakeholders (not limited to shareholders)?
    b) Evaluate the stakeholders and how the various stakeholders would be affected by the dilemma indicated in question #1

Sample Solution

ite Newton’ momentous findings about gravity, he failed to completely explain how it worked. The question of what gravity actually is remained unanswered for hundreds of years, until an extraordinarily bright physicist answered it. In 1905, Albert Einstein created the “Quantum Theory of Light,” which was the idea that light exists as particles which he coined as “photons.” He then applied this theory to everything, proposing that we live in a “quantum universe, one built out of tiny chunks of energy and matter.” Months later, Einstein introduced special relativity, describing light as as a continuous field of waves, contradicting his prior theory of light as particles. Later in 1905 he extended this theory of relativity. The Special Theory of Relativity explains how time and space are linked for objects moving at a consistent speed along a straight line, implying that time and space are intertwined. Explicated by Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence equation which states that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, or E= mc^2. Einstein expressed that mass and energy are different forms of the same entity and thus interchangeable and that all objects inherently fall the same way, no matter their size or what they’re made of. This equation put a speed limit on everything moving in the universe as it showed that speed increases with mass. Having spent much time studying light, Einstein concluded the speed of light (around 186,000 miles per second) is unchanging no matter what and the speed of light physically cannot be exceeded by anything that has mass. This poked a hole in Newton’s theory of gravity, which described gravity as a force that acted instantaneously across any distance. However, not even light travels instantaneously and the “force” of gravity cannot surpass the speed light so therefore, gravity cannot simply be a force, such as Newton believed. After years of conducting further research and a lot of thinking. In 1916, Einstein published the General theory of Relativity, which concluded that what we perceive as gravity is really the result of curvatures in space- time. The force of gravity is the sensation of following the shortest path through curved, four-dimensional space-time. This idea was revolutionary as it described space dramatically different then it had been before. Einstein described space as something much more complex than a stage, or an unchanging box that surrounds the universe, but rather space and time as well as matter and energy are locked together. A change in one aspect, affects the others. Space evolves with the presence of matter and energy, stretching and warping, causing bodies moving through it to zigzag and curve. The more heavy an object is, the more it warps space and time around it. So when something heavy is in space, such as a planet i.e. Earth, the space around it gives way, causing a dent in space-time.

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