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Business plan for a money transfer mobile app

Write around a 5500 to 6800 words business plan for a money transfer mobile app that is called InstantCad. InstantCad is founded in Toronto, will cover all the Canadian provinces, and will be launched in April 2022. InstantCad is an app for people who know each other regardless if they′re friends or relatives. InstantCad is designed to help solve the problem of various cash payments like paying for services online, sending money as a gift, paying a landlord, or borrowing money from a friend. InstantCad should verify your identity for using it and will be connected to a bank account, credit card, or debit card. InstantCad is an in-app wallet designed to transfer money and it takes seconds for transactions to be executed, but could take longer if you need to use credit money. InstantCad charges a %2.5 fee if you use a credit card to send money, while making payments with a debit card or bank account is free. InstantCad also charges a %2 fee if you request an Instant Transfer of funds from your InstantCad account to your linked debit card. InstantCad uses English as the primary language and French as the secondary. Make sure the plan includes:

Cover sheet

Table of contents

Executive summary

Company summary

Products and service desсrіption

Market and industry analysis

Strategy and implementation analysis

Management summary

Marketing plan

Five year financial plan (P&L statement, common size income statement, cash flow analysis, Balance sheet, breakeven analysis, business ratios page, and loan amortization chart)

Sample Solution

ing: Henry James uses foreshadowing by writing his narrator to reflect upon her past actions and suggest that worst events are to occur in the future. This foreshadowing contributes to the novel’s theme of the correlation between appearance and personality/character. Throughout the novel, the narrator (the governess) mentions how she was so captivated by the charms of Flora and Miles, describing how innocent and pleasant they seemed. Often after, however, she foreshadows that their outward beauty is a tool of manipulation and that they were hiding darker secrets that were soon to be revealed later in the book. Style Two words that can describe the author’s overall style are as follows: interpretable and complex. These two words encompass James’ style because it exemplifies the vagueness that he chooses to write with, combined with his choice of diction/syntax. Every occurrence or significant event in the book is left up to interpretation. For example, during the governess’ encounter with Peter Quint, an event ridden her with fear and questions, she commits the exact same scenario with Mrs. Grose: “I gave her something of the shock that I had received. She turned white, and this made me ask myself if I had blanched as much. She stared, in short, and retreated on my lines…she had passed out…I wonder why she should be scared.” (21) There is a clear parallel and cycle that is symbolic to the lore of the novel, possibly foreshadowing a certain event or connection with other ghosts. Whether that is a viable interpretation is left to the readers, and it acts as a useful blackhole in the book meant for imagination. Another example that display James’ mastery at creating interpretable writing was at the end of the book where Miles unforeseeably dies. His death can be due to many theories: that he was dispossessed from Quint and that led to his death; he died from pure horror and panic; or the governess, out of her disillusionment, smothered the boy to death. Since the death was the closing scene of the book, no explanation is provided. The complexity in which James arranges events and words adds to the plot of the story well. How does the author’s diction, grammar, sentence structure, organization, point of view, detail, syntax, and irony enhance the meaning of the work and show his/her attitude? The diction, grammar, and syntax of the novel are very formal and reflect the writing style of the time period in which it was written: the late 19th century. Complex words like “perturbation” and lugubriously” wouldn’t be commonly understood today, but back then, this educated vocabulary would provide vivid adjectives that’d enhance the imagery of the characters and their actions. The structured grammar and syntax convey the narrator’s emotional and straightforward attitude. Interestingly, as the plot approaches the end of the novel, the chapters become shorter and shorter. By using this chapter structure, James builds suspense towards the final climactic scene. A

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