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Case study: Florida’s “10-20-Life” Law

Your state officials are considering ways to deter gun violence. The governor has hired you to provide an analysis of Florida’s 10-20-Life law. Your task is to produce a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides that will provide lawmakers and the governor with the background and evaluation that will help them decide if this type of law is an effective deterrent.

Make use of the “notes” areas to elaborate on the brief points presented on the slide. Your presentation should cover the following points:

Describe the law’s purpose. How was this law a departure from what preceded it? What was the state of Florida hoping to accomplish with this law?
Explain whether this law illustrates the classical or positive perspective.
Assuming that a major goal of this law is deterrence, explain steps taken by the state to achieve general deterrence.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the law. Did it accomplish what was intended? Were there any negative outcomes? Be sure to cite valid research to support your conclusion
Last, describe the current state of this law, and make a reasoned recommendation for your governor.

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Besides, standards of beauty and Shakespeare’s written preference both contradict one another as he quotes “if snow be white, why then her breasts are dun”. Pale skin was highly admired by women during the Elizabethan era, especially as it signified wealth but also indicated a sense of idolisation within beauty. The skin appearing ‘dun’ is an unexpected feature as it refers to a dull greyish-brown colour, which is on the contrary to beauty standards in that era. Yet again, the expectations towards women’s beauty standards were high, whereas compared to modern-day, both men and women are equally free in the sense of exploring and expressing their beauty; whether it is based from makeup or just natural expression, there has been a rise in empowerment within communities to put judgement away and to feel open to their nature. In particular, xxx states “the core of empowerment lies in the ability of a woman to control her own destiny” emphasising that self-belief has a strong impact on the manifestation of one’s identity. However, refocusing on the aesthetic idea that Shakespeare has painted his ideal woman regardless of what society or readers may think is imperfect, it is important to note that women “have these aesthetic values as a reference, that is, these standards that point out what a beautiful woman is” On the contrary, gender is explored differently in Hart’s ‘The Friday Everything Changed’ in the sense that there is inequality between the two genders at an adolescence stage. Hart depicts the courage it took for the character Alma to “ask[ed] why girls couldn’t go for the water as well” symbolising the sexism and the oblivious gender superiority. This is shown in the language as “the boys felt threatened by this question”. The verb ‘threatened’ holds a strong intention by the boys in the classroom, proposing the idea that this is a boundary that should not be crossed by the girls, almost giving it an animalistic touch. Regardless of gender, boys an

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