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Cash flow estimation

Purpose 1. Develop intuition in cash flow estimation and capital budgeting.
Purpose 2. Calculate a project’s expected cash flows using the free cash flow approach.
Purpose 3. Calculate and use the net present value (NPV) method for evaluating capital intensive opportunities.
Preparation: Study chapter 12 and 13. Be familiar with cash flow estimation
Field Work: Each student is expected to visit one (or more) of the local companies. For example, we can visit a local restaurant. If it’s by a group, be sure to clearly state as a group submission as the title of your post. Also please include the names of all group members.

  1. Sales estimation. By observing the customer flow during breakfast (for example, *** Donut, Waffle ***, etc.), lunch, and dinner (for example, *** Buffet, *** Steakhouse, etc.) times, we can estimate the daily cash flow for the restaurant. To be a bit precise, we can do this over the entire week so that our estimation is not influenced by the day of week effect, that is, there might be more customers on Friday or Saturday. Then we can estimate the weekly or monthly cash flow for the restaurant.
  2. Expense estimation. If the restaurant leases the building, we can estimate the lease expense. Of course, if it’s closer to a mall, the monthly lease might be higher. We can also estimate the payroll expense along with the raw material cost, advertising costs, etc. In summary, we can have a rough estimate for the expenses. Alternatively, we can also assume that expense is a percentage of sales, for example, 70% of sales.
  3. Cash flow estimation. In this section, we need to estimate the depreciation costs for the restaurant equipment. We also need to estimate the taxes. Then we can estimate the free cash flows for the restaurant.
  4. Cash flow estimation for extended periods. Now, let’s study further the macroeconomic conditions and also the local dining business to see whether our cash flow estimation should be adjusted for next three years. We might not be able to do a very precise job in this regard. But we can assume that there is 3% inflation so we can adjust our sales upward. If we expect the restaurant is doing a better job than its competitors, we can adjust the sales growth rate further by, say, 2%. We might also need to adjust the expenses. In summary, we can have some estimation of the cash flows for the next three years.
  5. Start your own business. Now let’s start our own restaurant business. Try to project your initial investment (cash outlay), projected sales, expenses, and cash flows for the next five years. We can sell the restaurant after 5 years for X dollars. Essentially, the present value of X should be equal to a similar restaurant in business for 5 years now. We can then draw the cash flows and the terminal value of the restaurant on a timeline. With a cost of capital estimation, for example, 10%, we can find out the NPV of our business. If the NPV is a lucrative number, we might be able to convince potential investors to invest in our upcoming restaurant.Although I used a restaurant as an example, we can certainly change this into a grocery store, a car dealership, a hair salon, a dry cleaning store, a clothes retailer, and so on.
  6. Discuss the business you chose and why you choose that kind of business.
  7. Analyze in detail the 5 points mentioned in Field Work section.

Sample Solution

irstly it enables the punisher's position, yet in addition the present world forestalls this activity between nations through legitimate bodies like the UN, since we have modernized into a moderately quiet society (Frowe (2011), Page 80-1). In particular, Frowe further invalidates Vittola through his case that 'right aim can't be blamed so as to take up arms in light of expected wrong,' proposing we can't simply hurt another in light of the fact that they have accomplished something out of line. Different variables should be thought of, for instance, Proportionality. Thirdly, Vittola contends that war ought to be kept away from (Begby et al (2006b), Page 332) and that we ought to continue conditions strategically. This is upheld by the "final hotel" position in Frowe, where war ought not be allowed except if all actions to look for discretion comes up short (Frowe (2011), Page 62). This implies war ought not be announced until one party must choose the option to pronounce battle, to safeguard its region and freedoms, the point of war. Notwithstanding, we can likewise contend that the conflict can never be the final hotel, considering there is generally a method for attempting to keep away from it, similar to authorizations or settlement, showing Vittola's hypothesis is defective. Fourthly, Vittola inquiries upon whose authority can request a revelation of war, where he suggests any republic can do battle, yet more critically, "the ruler" where he has "the normal request" as per Augustine, and all authority is given to him. This is additionally upheld by Aristotle's Politics ((1996), Page 28): 'a lord is the regular predominant of his subjects.' However, he in all actuality does later underline to place all confidence in the ruler isn't right and has outcomes; an exhaustive assessment of the reason for war is expected alongside the readiness to arrange rival party (Begby et al (2006b), Page 312& 318). This is upheld by the activities of Hitler are considered unjustifiably. Likewise, in this day and age, wars are not generally battled exclusively by states yet in addition non-state entertainers like Al-Queda and ISIS, showing Vittola's regularizing guarantee on power is obsolete. This is additionally upheld by Frowe's case that the pioneer needs to address individuals' inclinations, under genuine power, which joins on to the fourth condition: Public announcement of war. Concurred with many, there should be an authority declaration on an affirmation of war (Frowe (2011), Page 59-60&63). At long last, the most questionable condition is that wars ought to have a sensible likelihood of coming out on top. As Vittola emphasized, the point of war is to lay out harmony and security; getting the public great. In the event that this can't be accomplished, Frowe contends it would be smarter to surren

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