Police Brutality – and Social Injustice in the U.S

The proposal should explain the goal and intent of the project and convince the professor that the project fits within the discipline, can be completed in the allotted time, and comports with discipline standards. Proposal drafting is considered a learning process and helps the student avoid oversights and possible mistakes. It should show that the student has read the relevant and recent literature on the subject, and it should contain a list of materials consulted during the preliminary stages of research. In general, the creative project proposal should include background information related to the project topic, the purpose of the project, and investigatory procedures to be used. The formal proposal should not exceed five pages (title page not included).

Sample Solution

Crime is a social construction.

Explain what it means to say that crime is a social construction. In your own words, explain what it means to think of “crime” as socially constructed? In your answer, explain why Reiman compares the criminal justice system to a carnival mirror. Make sure that you provide concrete examples from the reading and our class lecture to illustrate this comparison as best as you can. What key argument is Reiman making with his metaphor of the “carnival mirror”? How does the carnival mirror deceive us? What does this say about the threats we perceive as dangerous and thus, punish as criminal? Finally, briefly explain why you agree or don’t agree with Reiman’s theory of the criminal justice system as a carnival mirror.

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Prison abolition.

Based on the readings(Davis Ch. 1 and the Kaba and Hayes article) carefully explain what you think the authors mean by prison abolition. What are some of the core ideas behind abolition, according to these authors? In your answer, make sure you give clear examples from the readings to support your points. Why do the authors claim it is so difficult if not impossible to imagine a society without prisons? In your answer, make sure you explain why it’s important for these authors for everyone to reflect on and ask questions about prison abolition. Finally, include your own assessment of Week One readings—in particular, explain why you do or do not agree with what the authors are claiming. As you answer this part of the question, think about what assumptions you have developed about the prison in American society, where you learned these ideas, and whether you think there can be real justice without prisons.

Sample Solution

Ideologies of Punishment DQ (Corr)

Of the four ideologies of punishment discussed in Chapter 4 of the text, which do you believe has the most relevance in today’s criminal justice system? You must detail the characteristics of the ideology (definition) and provide research evidence, from primary studies, to support your answers. Research can be found in the Nancy Thompson Learning Commons (Kean Library).

Sample Solution

Program implementation

Access the following programs:

Mentally Ill Offender Community Transition Program (Washington)
Allegheny County (Penn.) Jail-Based Reentry Specialist Program

Create a 700- to 1,050-word executive summary in which you:

Compare the programs by explaining the program goals, target population, and program components for each program.
Analyze the program outcomes of each program.
Determine which is most effective and propose a program to implement. Provide statistical research to support your proposal for your answer.
Explain how this program will benefit your correctional institution.

Sample Solution

Crime problems in the USA

Does the United States have a crime “problem” compared to other advanced and industrialized nations? Why or why not?
Why are the definitions of crime and criminal behavior critically important to political entities? Explain.
**Be sure to cite three to five relevant scholarly sources in support of your content. Use only sources found at the GCU Library https://library.gcu.edu/ , government websites, or those provided in Class Resources.

Sample Solution

Crime Prevention

Principles, Perspectives and Practices is a concise, comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of crime prevention. The authors contend that crime prevention strategies should include both social prevention and environmental prevention. It embraces these strategies as an alternative to policing, criminal justice and ‘law and order’. Part I presents an overview of the history and theory of crime prevention, featuring chapters on social prevention, environmental prevention and evaluation. Part II explores the practice of crime prevention and the real life challenges of implementation, including policy making, prevention in public places, dealing with social disorder and planning for the future. Crime Prevention provides readers with an understanding of the political dimension of crime prevention and the ability to critically analyse prevention techniques. It is essential reading for undergraduate students of criminology, crime prevention and public policy.

Sample Solution

Criminal justice agency

Your supervisor informs you that each criminal justice agency in your community has to develop a new crime-fighting strategy for the coming fiscal year that must be based on a crime causation explanation to be presented to the city council for funding your department. Using the library and other available resources, prepare a brief summary of a policy linked to a theory that you would propose.
In your response, please address the following:

The purpose of the policy
The theory guiding your policy
Anticipated benefits
Benefits and disadvantages of your policy
The implementation plan
When commenting on other students’ posts, consider the following:

Do you agree with the viability of their policy?
Do you see any additional advantages or disadvantages to their policy?

Sample Solution

Argumentative essay

Develop a sound argument regarding the following: “undertaking crime prevention on a governmental level is a more socially responsible approach to addressing crime and the experiences of crime victims than is simply encouraging individuals to incorporate victimization prevention strategies into their everyday lives.” You must include a minimum of three paraphrased and appropriately cited / referenced ideas that are addressed in chapters 4 and 5 as support for your related argument. You may also incorporate other appropriately paraphrased / cited / referenced material from other source material to support your argument.

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