Imagery Prompt

Look out the window at your home, office, or anywhere, really. Imagine that you’ve just had the best day of your life, and then describe the scene you’re looking at. Next, imagine you’ve just received very bad news, and then describe the same setting.

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Loss of clientele

You are currently working at a small company of about 100 employees. Your company just lost a very large client and therefore they need to let go of five employees in your department.

The workload of the five employees has been divided up between you and a fellow employee. Your fellow employee is very upset about this because now they must take on more work and not get a pay raise. This employee wants you to join them and fight your boss together for more money. You don’t feel comfortable doing this because you love your job. You would like to make more money, but you do not want to upset anyone and lose your position. On top of this situation, there is a big project that needs to be completed in three days!

How would you solve the above problem?

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A good representation of artistic expressions

focus on any art form (film, theater, painting, sculpture, dance, performance art, poetry, music, etc…) that your group believes provides a good representation of artistic expressions by the respective underrepresented minority group. What are their challenges and successes? In addition, your group will research data focusing on: Where do they live? What are the major groups? What has been their contribution to American history/society? You might want to consider census data and any other form of research that presents statistical information.

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How is storytelling used in advertising? Why is it important? What are the aspects of advertising that are just like little movies? What are elements that you can use to make your ads interesting and exciting? Illustrate your points by including links to ads that are relevant. Provide clickable urls and references to books and publications that you cite.

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Verbal ironic ending

When you have posted your response, please reply to at least two of your peers. Include a salutation, “Hi Sharon” and a closing signature.

Some discussion considerations. You do not have to address them all; they are merely to get you started.

how Mrs. Mallard is initially presented to readers
the Mallards’ marriage dynamic. Is there textual evidence that the Mallards’ marriage had some element of love/affection within it and that Mrs. Mallard grieves when she learns of her loss? In other words, although it is clear that Mrs. Mallard is silently repressed, is there some evidence that there was fondness?
Symbolism? the roomy armchair, the open window, the open square, the description of the springtime scene.
Mrs. Mallard experiences a dramatic epiphany while in her bedroom. Why is her behavior/thoughts in direct conflict with historical context of the late 19th century?
What is your interpretation of the verbal ironic ending? Did Mrs. Mallard really die of “the joy that kills” (the joy of seeing her husband alive) or was it for another reason entirely? What message or themes might Chopin have wanted to get across to readers?

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Schema/script theory in your subject

We have been looking at different psychological theories and the way we can use them to better examine social media. For this assignment, you should choose yourself or another person (such as a celebrity or a politician). Spend some time looking through your/their social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Then write your analysis, being sure to cover these points:

A good introduction including who your subject is and a good overview of them and their social media use
Examples and discussion of schema/script theory in your subject
Examples and discussion of cultivation theory in your subject
Examples and discussion of agenda-setting theory in your subject
Examples and discussion of social learning in your subject

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