Peter Sis in The Conference of the Birds

a. How does Peter Sis in The Conference of the Birds portray the arduous ‘journey’ of the birds to the mountain of Kaf? How would you read the illustrated narrative as an allegory of the human journey? (The essay should be 900-950 words in length)

b. On a separate sheet of paper, you will draw some pictures and illustrations or paste a collage of images. (take a photograph of your drawings/collage/illustrations and embed them in your Assignment).
The pictures that you draw should be thoughtful and blend in a meaningful way with the theme of the Assignment. You will write 10-15 sentences about what the pictures and drawings you have included mean and how they relate to some aspect of the book’s theme. (150-200 words)

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Tragic events of September 11, 2001

In the days and weeks immediately following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, some political leaders claimed that “extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures”; in times of war, basic civil liberties and freedoms, such as privacy, need to be severely restricted for the sake of national security and safety. Perhaps, as a nation, the value that we have traditionally attached to privacy has diminished significantly since then. Consider that the majority of American citizens strongly supported the USA (United and Strengthening America) PATRIOT (Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) Act, which passed by an overwhelming margin in both houses of Congress and was enacted into law on October 21, 2001. Privacy advocates have since expressed their concerns about this act, noting that it might have gone too far in eroding basic civil liberties. Some critics also fear that certain provisions included in the act could easily be abused; for example, those in power could use those provisions to achieve controversial political ends under the convenient guise of national defense. Examine some of the details of USA PATRIOT Act (go to (a) Determine whether its measures are as extreme as its critics suggest. (b) Are those measures consistent with the value of privacy, which Americans claim to embrace? (c) Do privacy interests need to be reassessed, and possibly recalibrated, in light of recent attacks by and ongoing threats from terrorists? (d) What similar acts or laws exist in the United Kingdom? Please elaborate (beyond a yes or no answer) and provide your “theoretical” rationale in support of your responses. (comprehension)

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Romer vs. Evans – Legal Case

Legal Case Study Research Paper: Each student will conduct research and submit a Legal Case Study Research Paper on the OSHA or approved (Legal) case that the student selected at the beginning of the semester. The approved legal case list is located in Canvas in the file entitled
The paper will be written utilizing the American Psychological Association (APA 7th Edition) style and format and must be submitted in typewritten form, free of errors in spelling and punctuation, of sufficient length to adequately cover the subject, but not fewer than 6 full pages, excluding the title page, the resource page, and any blank pages. Additional information is provided below on the format.
The Legal Case Study Research Paper should be written as if you are submitting an information briefing to your supervisor or client. You should write your thoughts and include suggestions as if you were a consultant hired to interpret the Case and render an opinion on the outcome.

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Ways you might integrate strong values and ethics into your content

As an educator, what are some ways you might integrate strong values and ethics into your content-area lessons to help support students’ character development that not only support your spiritual beliefs but also those of your students? Provide at least two specific ideas for activities.

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Treatment group you would facilitate as a social worker.

Compare task groups versus educational, support, or skills groups.
Describe a type of treatment group you would facilitate as a social worker.
Explain what professional role you may take when facilitating this group.
Describe what is meant by group norms, and explain how you would help shape these norms based on your role in the group.
Explain what is meant by group roles. Identify at least one group role, and explain why a group member may take that role.
Describe a group member role that might be most challenging to you as a group leader, and explain why.

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Global Drug Trade

After completing this assignment you will explore:
How the global drug trade developed over the last 300 years and its relationship to globalization?
The effects of the global drug trade on society, politics, economics, and history?
The purpose of this assignments is to develop the following skills, which support the learning goals of the class.
Use reason, evidence, and context to increase knowledge and to reason ethically, and to innovate in comparative thinking.
Aid in ability to write effectively to achieve intended meaning and understanding.
Work to understand, respect and interact constructively with other perspectives.
Develop depth, breadth, and integration of learning for the benefit of themselves, their communities, their employers, and for society at large.
The global drug trade has had a long and varied history that is still impacting the world today. In order to understand the current effect of the drug trade we
need to understand its history and the relationship to globalization.
In a succinct, clearly written, three page double-spaced essay that uses multiple historical examples from the readings(Heavy Traffic, the global drug trade in
historical perspective, By Ken Faunce), lecture notes, and discussion notes, answer the following question.
What is the impact of the global drug trade and what have been its chief effects on societies and people around the world?
This is a broad question so you will need to focus on one or more aspects of the issue.

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Examples of how this company reflects your own hobbies or interests.

For your initial post, pick one of the companies listed in the blog post above, and discuss the following:

Why did you choose this company?
Provide examples of how this company reflects your own hobbies or interests.
How have data and technology, social marketing, and ethics changed the game for these global brands?
Why do you think they are successful global marketers?
What would you do differently to further the company’s success? Would you introduce a new product, or maybe improve a current process?
Give examples on how this change would impact the company.

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Theories Of Prevention

           " Individuals living with mental health and incarcerated " This is the Topic the community problem

Consider Theories of Prevention related to a community problem.
Create a section in your Social Change Portfolio called “Part 3: Theories of Prevention” and add an applicable theory(ies) and include the following:
2 theories you can apply to the prevention program to address the target problem I identified and Individuals living with mental health and incarcerated” justify why this theory(ies) is/are appropriate for the problem and population you identified.
Please do not choose the social-ecological theory, as it was utilized in the previous section.
Briefly summarize research support for the theory or theories you chose
Identify an existing evidence-based program for this targeted problem. The “What Works” documents in the learning resources contain excellent examples to choose from.

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