The good and ethical life

Imagine you could go back in time and give your childhood self a letter in which you explain your current view of the good and ethical life. Write a 3 pags letter to your childhood self explaining your view of the Good in which you:

Identify at least one philosopher who might agree with your view of the Good. Explain that philosophical ethical theory and discuss how it compares to your own views.
Discuss how another philosopher might disagree. For example, if you discuss deontology in support of your view, utilitarianism might be a good point of contrast. Virtue and care ethics are very similar, but it would be interesting to explore their differences as well.
Support your account of the theories with citations to the textbook and online lectures in correct APA format.

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Ethical Hacking

Wireshark and Glass Wire, two free network monitor & security tools. Compare and contrast these two tools. explaining the benefits and features of each, then decide which of these two choices you would prefer to use if you were the Network Manager. Explain why you made your decision.

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Ethical to tell the truth

Is it always necessary (and always ethical to tell the truth? What situation have you been a part where lying was a more effective choice? Keep in mind that lies come in many forms. What ethical dilemmas might you encounter in the medical profession?

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Ethical Hacking

Wireshark and Glass Wire, two free network monitor & security tools. Compare and contrast these two tools. explaining the benefits and features of each, then decide which of these two choices you would prefer to use if you were the Network Manager. Explain why you made your decision.

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Unethical activities

Define unethical activities

Provide examples of unethical activities detected by information systems

Provide examples of unethical activities that were detected by means other than information systems.

Analyze how information systems can contribute to the detection of fraudulent and unethical acts.

Evaluate the components and capabilities of information systems (ISs) pertaining to trust.

Assess how various ISs have failed to detect unethical activities.
Support your paper with at least five scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Interacting with a neighbor from a different ethnic group

Write 1200 words in response to the prompt below.

  1. Define what you think “culture” is in one paragraph. There is no correct answer, so please do not use any definitions that you find online, just discuss what you think about this word. You will loose points if you use a definition you find in the dictionary or anywhere online.
  2. In the next paragraph, describe some aspects about your culture, including how the circumstances of where you grew up, your family, school, identities, and wider society have shaped your culture. Specific examples and details will make this section stronger.
  3. If you had the power to do this, what is one specific thing you would change about your culture (that would affect both you and others who share this cultural background with you)? Have fun with this answer.
  4. Finally, write about an encounter with cultural difference (this could range from interacting with a neighbor from a different ethnic group or a different religion than yours to traveling or living in a different country). Specific examples and details will make this section stronger.

4a. Describe that encounter and what made it intercultural, and how you initially felt about the encounter and why. Was there anything about the encounter that made you uncomfortable and why (or why not)?

4b. Describe any challenges you had communicating or understanding the other person, or if no challenges, why not.

4c. Describe an assumption you held about them or vice versa.

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Evaluation of professionalism and Ethics

Teachers are evaluated each year according to the state and local recommendations for probationary and veteran teachers. Components of evaluations include the responsibilities of the classroom teacher from several perspectives.

Research your state’s evaluation system. You can locate this information by performing an Internet search for “(state) teacher evaluation system.”

Create a 1 page graphic organizer/infographic, in which you address the following components:

The basic expressed purposes of the teacher evaluation system
The ratings used to determine teacher effectiveness
The areas in which teachers are evaluated
A description of how a teacher evaluation system supports your growth as a professional and ethically responsible teacher

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Ethical systems from decision making will

Consider the following case :

Dr. Jones is a senior surgeon at a community hospital. It is common talk among the staff that his patients have a higher level of hospital-borne infections after surgery and other doctors patients. In this case, the patient is a 38 year old female who has undergone a full mastectomy for breast cancer. During post-operative care, you have found her to be very quiet, seemingly depressed, and not talkative with you or the family members who have come to visit. She seems to be in some pain during the treatments and has a low grade fever. after a treatment she asked you, “Is Dr. Jones a good surgeon?

What are some answers you could give? List five possibilities
Which of the ethical systems from decision making will you use in coming to an answer – consequence, duty or virtue ethics
What answer will you give and why ?

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Ethical Deliberation

utline and describe the ethical dilemma first, with all the necessary facts and information. The paper will then analyze the scenario using two (2) ethical frameworks/models. The framework/model used may be any of those presented in the competency. ? A decision using each of the models must be presented in the paper. The paper must end with one decision. In other words, applying two frameworks/models will result in two (potentially divergent) outcomes, and one decision must be selected, presented, and supported/defended. ? Consistent with due deliberation and analysis, a well-constructed paper will address all relevant factors and components in the case, and will be a demonstration of graduate level writing and analysis. ?

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Image Enhancement for Photoshop

Find an old family photo to restore (or a photo of a place that is special to you), enhance the photo with at least five to seven different elements that you’ve learned, and create a magazine cover page using the photos with some creative ideas behind it. Utilize at least one other photo for a background. You will upload three photos minimum, the original family photo, background photo and the final cover page.

Once this is completed, you will complete a minimum of a two-page write up (minimum of 500-750 words, not including Title Page or Reference Page): 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced paper in APA Style format, using at least two references to describe the following: Submit your paper in Word format only.

Purpose of the magazine. You must identify a valid purpose as if this magazine will be published for the public.
Identify five to seven tools used and any challenges encountered.
Describe the layers applied and why selected.
Examine the differences, the benefits and the limitations of the different image file types.
Discuss the purpose and usage of smart objects, layers and vectors in editing, also differentiate between a raster image and a vector image; also detail the layer concepts of hiding, linking, and setting layer styles.
Outline the different processes to enhance images including sharpness, color, contrast, hue, brightness and resolution.
Evaluate the image processing capabilities such as feathering, filtering and burning.
Describe the process for performing advanced selection using masks, channels, refine edge, and defringing.
Detail the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop as a tool for editing and restoring digital images, also describe the process for enhance digital images by manipulating sharpness, color, contrast, hue, brightness and resolution

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