HR related issues for a global operation.

Scenario: You are an HR manager of a company that since its inception has only operated locally. In a recent meeting your boss informed you that the company is planning to go global in the next 1 to 2 years. She would like an introduction from you on HR related issues for a global operation.

Create a 8- to 10-slide presentation, with speaker notes, including the following:

List and briefly describe methods for staffing global organizations. Include pros and cons for each method.
Identify five competencies important to selection of candidates for global assignments that are essential to success.
Describe pre-departure onboarding opportunities you would recommend to enhance the global experience. Onboarding examples may include the expatriate as well as family members.
Describe ongoing training and development opportunities that are essential while on global assignments.
Describe repatriation policies that will attract and retain global talent.
Identify U.S. employment laws and ethical responsibilities to consider in staffing for global assignments.

Sample Solution

ACME employees declined management’s

Pick ONE of the following ‘problems’ from the list of three below and create an analysis report of between 650 and 750 words. Use report writing format as in your textbook (Chapter 7). Please try to use academic studies on (morale) workplace issues rather than mainstream/alternative media sources as you try to identify what factors may be at play at ACME. Please use APA citations (not part of the word count.) Do not need to supply any visuals. This is a written report only.

  1. Why, in the last year, have at least half of ACME employees declined management’s
    invitation to attend:
    • The annual company family picnic in the summer and
    • The holiday party in December

Company background:
• ACME has roughly 80 employees. It has been in business since 1950 and is based in a suburb of Vancouver, which isn’t accessible via transit.
• The plant was built in 1978. Improvements are done when absolutely necessary.
• It is a family-owned and operated business. Family members hold all the key positions. The present management team has been in place for 30 months.
• It manufactures bowling balls for bowling alleys in western Canada and the western U.S. Revenues are $35-million USD annually.
• ACME departments include: four human resources and training officers, eight management positions, a sales staff of 18, and roughly 50 administration workers and manufacturing (bowling ball-makers) staff. Part-timers work during the busy fall-winter period.
• The youngest manager is 28. The oldest manager is 66. Other staff range from 22 to 71 years of age.

• ACME employees are non-union, work a 35-hour week (eight hours x five days with one hour unpaid lunch), Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 5:00.
• They receive overtime and breaks in accordance with provincial labour laws. Only sales staff and management receive bonuses based on sales. Sales staff must provide their own vehicles, but can claim mileage, gas expenses, hotel costs and per diems when on the road.
• Staff start with 12-days of annual vacation and add one day annually to a maximum of 25 days.
• The lowest paid staff members are paid higher than Vancouver’s living wage, which is presently $19.50 an hour.
• Staff receive medical, dental, RSP matching and life insurance benefits. They’re allowed five paid sick days annually. Beyond this, sick days are unpaid.

Sample Solution

Strategic HRM Workforce plan

year Strategic HRM Workforce plan for ONE Canadian company operating in a particular industry.
Select any ONE Canadian company from a particular industry or sub sector.
be of any size but it’s easier to find information on bigger companies and ones that are a plc. It must be a Canadian company or be operating in Canada.
To get started on looking for a suitable company refer to the Directories of Canadian companies: ml
or best place to work in Canada list.
Table of Contents
Executive Summary. Key takeaways and added value.
Section 1: Introduction (a short introduction about the aim and purpose of the assignment and what you hope to achieve. Signpost what you are going to do in the assignment and so lead and guide the reader.
Section 2: The Nature, Context and Important of SHRM Planning including The SHRM Planning Cycle
This will include: (this should be relatively short and not too theoretical)
• – Briefly describing the HR Planning Process. Visual and diagrams are helpful.
• – The rationale and importance of HR Planning

Sample Solution

Selection process

Some organizations set up a long and complex selection process. In some people’s opinion, not only is this kind of selection process more valid, it also has symbolic value.
What can the use of a long, complex selection process symbolize to job seekers?
How do you think this would affect the organization’s ability to attract the best employees?

Sample Solution

Enduring hardship in a foreign country

Imagine that you are an international assignee being sent abroad by a US owned MNE for a 1-year assignment. The country to which you are being assigned has temperatures that regularly drop below zero. There are days when it is literally unsafe to go outside because it is so cold.

Submit your answers to these questions as a file (DOC) attachment below:

Could a company pay you enough to endure this hardship for a year? If so, how much incentive do you think it would take to get you to accept the assignment? 10% premium? 30%? 50%? 100%?
Would your answer to the question above change if you were to bring your spouse and 2 small children on the assignment with you?
What other questions might you have for HR personnel regarding your specific hardship?
What would be your greatest concern about this hardship?
What might you do in preparation for enduring this hardship?

Sample Solution

Mandatory and optional training topics.

Discuss the differences between mandatory and optional training topics.
What is the purpose of employer-provided training?
Using examples, describe the types of training that employers provide.
Are there some topics that are optional that should be considered mandatory for specific positions or industries? If so, which ones?

Sample Solution

Employer Branding.

The starting point of any recruitment is Employer Branding. This research assignment will examine the concepts of employer branding, what it is and why it is important. The research essay paper must thoroughly answer the following:

  1. An explanation of employer branding, and why it is important in recruitment.
  2. An examination of the attributes associated with employer branding. Identify the attributes most associated with employer branding. A minimum of 10 attributes must be identified.
  3. For each of the 10 attributes, explain how it is used to promote the employer brand.
  4. Of the 10 attributes identified in point 2, rank them in order of importance from the perspective of a candidate. For the attributes that the paper ranks as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, provide an explanation as to why a candidate feels these attributes are the top three.
  5. Select a company of your choice and use the 10 attributes selected in point 1. For the selected company, explain the how the company demonstrates each of the 10 attributes for employer branding. Diagrams, tables, and charts are encouraged to support your answer.

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