Mexican fútbol

Consider the texts written about the origins of Mexican fútbol and the one regarding CONCACAF and the rivalry between the USA and Mexico: develop one concise argument that presents a common aspect between Mexican futbol and the Mexico-USA rivalry. What these two texts have in common in promoting futbol?

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Industrial Engineering Management- DFMA analysis

Identify a product or subassembly of a product (with at least 10 unique components and no more than 30 components) that is suitable for a DFMA analysis. Analyse it using the DFMA technique covered in the lecture. Document the process using the charts as provided in the module. Clearly state any assumption that you made during the analysis.

The analysis must include as a minimum:

i) An initial assessment of the product, with a BOM, handling and assembly times, and essentiality. Include a design efficiency calculation and value. Show how you determine the  and  values and also, show how you assess whether each part is essential or not.

ii) A redesign of the product. This must be clearly explained to the reader using e.g images to show the changes.

iii) An assessment of the new design, with a BOM, handling and assembly times, and essentiality. Include a design efficiency calculation and value. Provide a design improvement value and calculation.

iv) Consideration of the manufacturing processes required and changes in those between the initial and revised design, and consideration of that on the cost of manufacturing the product.

2b) Visual Summary Report

With reference to the DfMA analysis performed in 2a, create a one page (maximum) visual summary report to be presented to the company responsible for the design and manufacture that details how you can improve their product. It should include details of design changes and the benefits that they would yield. This should not contain a lot of text but should be visual and contain the critical information only.

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Industry the data set

From the data set that is provided on various industries, kindly complete the following: (Data set is employment percentage by occupation and gender from 2010 to 2015).

  1. Identify and describe the industry the data set is summarizing. Write a summary about your chosen industry and its role in the UAE economy.
  2. Identify 3 key industry players, read and compile a total of 10 URL links of news, articles and information about these industry players (links in appendix)
  3. From the 10 URL links, news, articles or information, compile and summarize 5 major business decisions these organizations have to take or have taken in their business.
  4. Classify these decisions according to the related type of business analytics.
  5. Investigate, list and summarize on the specific data analytics software, tools or technologies that would support them in these types of analytics.

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Publicly-traded companies within the same industry

Write an analysis in which you select two publicly-traded companies within the same industry and present the DuPont analysis for each of these companies.

Write a research report that outlines the topics –

Explain how the debt has served to influence the ROE DuPont performance results for each company you choose, and then describe how volatility plays a role in the debt choices in the context of this DuPont analysis. Explore the factors that influence the valuation of equity.
Consider each of the following capital structure theories: the trade-off theory, the signaling theory, the debt financing to constrain the manager’s argument, and the pecking order hypothesis.
Describe each of capital structure theories, and then order them in terms of which theory you believe to be most persuasive down to which you believe to be least persuasive. Form arguments defending your rankings and reference and discuss related academic studies to support your position.

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  Week 03 Lecture Video - Healthcare StandardizationURL

ANSI – American National Standards Institute. (2017, Oct.). Dr. John Halamka, Harvard Medical School, on Healthcare Standardization.

Week 03 Discussion (200 words)

Question(s) – answer both questions:

Where do you see the balance between standardized EHR systems and customized EHR systems? What are the advantages of customization? What are the disadvantages?
If you were working to create a policy on standardized terminology and data collection methods for your organization, what would you be sure to include?

Week 04: Standardization (Part II)

Week 04 Discussion (200 words)


How can IT systems be leveraged for care coordination? What are the advantages and disadvantages related to care coordination that might arise from IT health system implementation?

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Industry publications

Cite at least 2 reputable references. Reputable references include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.

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Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist

you are an external industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologist hired by a brand new manufacturing
company to develop a leadership training program for the leaders. You may select any level of leadership within any
department of the organization, such as marketing managers, research and development (R&D) leaders, or managers on
the shop floor. Design a leadership training program that includes the following elements:

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Southwest Airlines

Compare and contrast the lean service system found within Southwest Airlines to a full-service airline such as United Airlines, British Airways, and other large carriers in terms of cabin service, boarding process, baggage handling, and service encounters.
Recommend ways for the airline carriers to improve their lean operation systems in terms of speed and quality while reducing waste and costs. Explain your rationale.

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Disputing theories on when industrial/organizational

Throughout the years, there have been two disputing theories on when industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology began. Some experts believe that I/O psychology began in 1903 when Walter Dill Scott wrote The Theory of Advertising. Others believe it began when Hugo Münsterburg wrote Increasing Human Efficiency in Business. The use of I/O psychology has influenced many events such as wars, civil rights legislation, court decisions, and science. Throughout its development, I/O psychology has broadened its range to include concepts such as personnel psychology. Many historical events and people in I/O psychology have influenced the development of personnel psychology and continue to influence the field today.

For this Discussion, select a historical event or person you consider most influential in I/O psychology and/or personnel psychology. Consider how this event or person influenced current research.

Post by Day 3 a brief description of the historical event or person that you selected. Then, explain how this person or event influenced current research in personnel psychology. Finally, explain one way you might have experienced an application of this current research. Support your response with the Learning Resources and current literature.

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