International borders may no longer be necessary

In a recent article in the Guardian, need-borders, James Crawford (not the late James Crawford, ICJ judge), argued that international borders may no longer be necessary or appropriate. From an international law perspective, do you think this is feasible or desirable?

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Berthe Morisot. In a Villa at the Seaside. 1874. Oil on canvas.

Berthe Morisot depicts a quiet and relaxed moment shared between a mother and a child at the
Morisot uses various techniques to portray a relaxed moment while vacationing. She uses a
public setting, the seaside, as her background; however the foreground of the painting depicts
seclusion. The vertical placement of the free formed woman and child help to create a sense of
depth. The overlapping of the woman’s shape and the size of the child create depth and space.
The juxtaposition of the foreground and the background help to create the illusion of privacy in a
public setting. The contrast between the cool blue green water and the sharp rigid lines of the
veranda give a sense of separation. Our eye level is immediately drawn to the point where the
vertical line of the veranda meets the horizon, focusing our attention on the busy seascape.
Morisot’s use of organic shapes gives the painting a very relaxed and informal feeling, almost
whimsical. Motion is created through the white trim of the woman’s dark skirt, and the parallel
lines in the gauzy white curtain, as well as the white caps of the waves. To create balance, she
places a bowl of bright red apples on the veranda. The bright red of the apples is complementary
to the blue greens of the sea. The vague shapes, the play of light, the organic lines, and her color
choices help to create an informal but striking composition.
Craftsmanship (technique, medium, etc):
Morisot uses a traditional medium of oil on canvas to forever capture a serene moment while
vacationing by the sea. Transcending the traditional, her use of bright colors and quick brush
strokes set her work apart from the customary artists of the time.
Historical Precedence:
Morisot, an impressionist artist, works quickly to capture an ordinary moment shared while on
vacation. Her quick brush strokes and the use of bright colors are in vivid contrast to the somber
colors of traditional artists. Her focus is on a public setting, rather than a historical event.
In a Villa at the Seaside can be enjoyed by anyone as it depicts a quiet and serene moment while
vacationing. This purpose of the painting was to capture an exact moment in time, precisely how
the artist perceived it. Morisot communicated a relaxed, informal, and serene setting. She did
this through color choice, organic lines, and use of white light.

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Legal and Social Arguments: Patient’s Position

A US pharmaceutical company is working on development of novel ovarian cancer drug.

Patient, Andrea, who is a US resident, exhausted all standard treatment options, her doctors say her best hope now is a new class of cancer drugs called PARP inhibitors (BMN 673).

She has been given six months to live. She would like to have the new drug treatment and the FDA has said that this patient does qualify to seek compassionate use of this drug, but company won’t provide it and they don’t have to.

A. Andrea Sloan Case – CNN Story
B. Andrea Sloan Case – Change.Org Petition

Address the following position:

• Andrea’s Position
Identify and outline at least three legal and social policy arguments as to why you (Andrea) should be allowed to receive the drug.

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Factors go into a Prosecutor’s Decision to Prosecute

  1. Discuss what factors go into a Prosecutor’s Decision to Prosecute and include at least 3 specific page-numbered cites from Chapter 10 cases that are discussed (either from the majority or dissenting opinions).
  2. If you were charged with a serious felony, would you prefer to have a preliminary hearing or a grand jury? What are the differences and reasons for your preference? You must have at least 3 specific page-numbered cites to the materials in Chapter 11.
  3. After reading Chapter 14, explain the following:
    o What are the three types of plea bargaining, and how does each of these types differ?
    o Now that you are familiar with the arguments for and against plea bargaining, do you think that it should continue in the United States? Why or why not?

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Single person homicide

Homicide is the illegal killing of a human. Identify and briefly summarize the three classifications of homicide.
Discuss the impacts of Single person homicide on the victim’s family, identify the resources available to those families, and explain the role of the criminal justice system in providing assistance to those families.

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The development of specialized investigative teams

The development of specialized investigative teams as a response to crime trends. In at least ONE (1) page, pick ONE (1) of the eleven (11) specialized areas listed in Topic 4. Do some research on one of those specialties and be able to:
(1) describe/define what that specialty does,
(2) what special skills/resources staff in the unit need to possess, and
(3) what types of crimes you think it is best equipped to address.
There are 11 specialties listed: Forensic Identification Section; Traffic Analyst and Accident Reconstruction Units; Criminal Intelligence and Crime Analysis; Criminal and Geographic Crime Profiling; Polygraph section and specialized interview teams; Computer Crime Analysts and Data Recovery; Organized Crime Sections; Gang Crime Unit; Integrated Homicide Investigation Teams; Dedicated Surveillance Units; Community Policing Teams.
For example, if you select Community Police Teams, you will need to describe and define what community policing means, what types of training/resources you think that unit will need to be most effective, and then identify what types of crimes they are best equipped to investigative and/or deter.

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Appropriate criminal code for your state

Find the criminal code in your state (or a state of your choosing) for murder. Cite the appropriate criminal code(s) in your state and identify the elements of the offense that as an investigator you would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in a court. Include in your paper the types of investigative skills and techniques that you think you would need to employ to prove those elements.
For your writing assignment:
(1) identify the appropriate criminal code for your state for murder (NOTE – Many states have first degree, second degree, and manslaughter – you may pick ONE specific offense type for this paper) Be sure to include a citation for your source;
POTENTIAL SOURCE for STATE CRIMINAL CODES: (Links to an external site.)
(2) describe what you believe your biggest challenge as an investigator would be proving all of those elements of the offense;
(3) identify AT LEAST ONE investigative tool or technique that you think would be critical to solving that case and explain why it is important; and
(4) do you believe homicide investigations generally require more expertise than other types of criminal investigations or can any investigator conduct a thorough homicide investigation, support your answer.

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Violent Crimes

In the first required reading “Crime in the United States, 2018 – Violent Crime”, the FBI includes four general offense types grouped together as part of its Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Program to collect data that it classified overall as violent crime. Also included in the readings are FBI summaries of each of those four offense types that include the general elements of the offense as well as some statistics regarding those offenses.

For your initial discussions post:

(1) pick ONE (1) of those four offenses and generally describe the elements of the offense;

(2) describe what you believe your biggest challenge as an investigator would be proving all of those elements of the offense; and

(3) identify AT LEAST ONE investigative tool or technique that you think would be critical to solving that case and explain why it is important.

For example, of you pick murder as your topic, you will need to explain what the general elements of that offense are and then identify what you which element you think is the biggest challenge to prove (is it the willful intent, showing how the crime occurred in the case of a found body with no witnesses, etc), and then identify an investigative technique or service that will be critical (is it polygraphs, ballistic evidence, interviewing, crime scene management, etc).

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