Short term sales promotions

We discussed various short term sales promotions – some of which were from retailers and others that were direct from the manufacturer or service provider. This week, we will expand on other digital marketing efforts companies use to communicate and build lasting customer relationships…with a twist.

Your objective this week is to identify a company that has faced a crisis within the past ten years (and one that has not yet been addressed by one of your peers). Need some ideas…check out Dan Cobley’s TED talkLinks to an external site. which discusses three brands that faced crisis situations whereby “one bad week can undermine decades of good work” (Cobley, 2010, 4:40-5:50).

In your initial post, describe the direct and digital marketing tactics the brand uses to tailor offers and content to the needs and interests to defined segments or individual buyers to build customer relationships, a brand community, and/or sales.

Examine and summarize the crisis situation. How did the organization handle the crisis using online marketing channels?

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Marketing Research

Instacart_ Undertake a Porter’s 5 Forces analysis to determine how much profit potential exists in the industry in which your selected business operates.

Ø The report is not a summary of your findings; rather, you should be critically applying the Porter’s 5 Forces framework and supporting your ideas with research.

Ø Use your analytical skills, critical thinking, and writing skills to perform a critical analysis to determine the likelihood of profitability in the sector.

Ø Ensure that you are properly citing your sources through the report. Excessive quoting or “cut and pasting” will result in lower marks.

Sample Solution

Critical analysis on a case study for Wal-Mart, Bank of America, Best Buy, Ford Motor

Provide a thorough analysis. Your analysis should, at a minimum include:
Identify and describe the target audience by message and medium
An evaluation of the various mediums including website, press and news releases, current ads, social media and any other communications.
What is the message? Is there an action required?
Does the communication and message meet the target audience? What recommendations would you offer to improve specific communications.
If you think the communication and communication mediums are appropriate, explain in detail why. It is not enough to say the communication as is is ok.
Explain how the elements above were combined to shape meaning.
What recommendations would you make to improve the marketing writing based on reading and other research you conducted in the course?
Based on what you learned in your case study analysis, what knowledge, skills, and concepts can you transfer to work and/or community activities?

Your analysis must provide a detailed explanation. Support your comments with credible references and facts. Your response should follow APA format and be no less than 5 pages
Please choose one business from the following list to analyze for your final project.
Bank of America
Best Buy
Ford Motor

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Marketing mix

Assume that a multi-specialty medical group has decided to segment the market in the community by income level. The group has decided to target a small niche of middle-aged, white-collar professionals who are married, with both spouses working outside the home. Discuss how this medical group might tailor its marketing mix to appeal to this segment.

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Marketing is one of the most important aspects within a healthcare organization. In order to create an effective marketing plan, we must be able to identify the right product/service at the right time to the right person and place. Marketing plans begin with the identification of these 4 core principles which we refer to as the “4 Ps”. Together the 4P’s, of product, price, placeandpromotion create a marketing mix and which are interdependent.


Using the scenario below, write a recommendation

Demographic trends indicate that a large number of baby boomers are on the verge of retiring. The Bay Area Medical Practice is meeting to focus on the next 5-year strategic plan. It has performed a patient analysis and has determined that 40% of its patient base is composed of baby boomers. From an operational perspective; what would be your recommendation to address the 4 P’s of Marketing?

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Situational Analysis

As in the individual assignment you completed, you will use the PESTLE factors to examine the marketing environment. For each factor, be sure to provide
specific information relevant to the SBU that you have chosen. You are required to use at least one quality source for every factor, but you can expect to use
more than one in some cases. Any factor discussion devoid of a quality source will receive no credit.
Remember to focus on information as specific and as relevant to your SBU as possible. Avoid vague or very broad generalizations that may not be as
You only have to do the first three factors of PESTLE which are Political force, economic force, and social/cultural force. The other three are not needed. Also
the subject of the topic and analysis is Google Play Store.*Please make sure to include the sources for each of three forces

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The four areas of the marketing mix

The marketing mix is used within the implementation of the marketing strategy. Please select one of the industries listed below, and search for information about the marketing mix used by at least two companies in your selected industry:

soft drink,
fast food/restaurant,
cell phone provider,
airline, or
Provide an example of the four areas of the marketing mix—product, price, placement, and promotion—used by each of your selected companies.Discuss where their marketing mix strategies are similar and where they are different. Explain why. Identify the product positioning and brand strategy used by your two chosen companies. Relate the importance of product positioning to their brand strategy.Also, consider the element of ethical promotion and social responsibility toward consumers.In addition to company websites, and are excellent resources to find information about markets and individual companies.Your research project must include an introduction. You must also reference two articles from business-related or news websites; therefore, your essay should be supported by at least three sources.

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The marketing mix

What is the marketing mix? Discuss how conducting a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis helps a firm to develop its strategic plan. Think of a recent trip to the movies, the grocery store, or a department store. Brand placement and product promotion is constantly around us, so what have you recently spotted?

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Owned – Paid – Earned Media

There are several various forms of media as it related to digital marketing. Take a look at this short video before jumping into this week’s business scenario.

Premier is a new entrant into the casual t-shirt market. Premier targets late Millennials aged between 20-30 years old. The market is valued at $150 million and two of their primary rivals are Supreme and Off White.

Simulated Business Scenario

Julio, the owner of Premier, is trying to follow the earned media model of leveraging the reach of social media to promote the launch of new products. In other words, when customers become the channel.

Julio has recruited Marguerite from Burberry (another brand that relies on earned media) to head up this new initiative. There is a lot of positive buzz from the fashion industry and Marguerite is charged with creating and distributing press releases in an integrated marketing communications plan in advance of the Q3 (late spring, early summer) launch of the Premier brand.


How would Marguerite’s team utilize earned vs paid media for the launch of the Premier brand? What are the various parts her team might include as part of an integrated marketing communications plan?

Sample Solution

Marketing ideas or guerrilla tactics

Choose a company that (in your opinion) has products or services which have become ‘stale’. Using the ideas behind the ‘Fiesta Movement’, write a professional memo to that particular CEO providing them with at least four marketing ideas or guerrilla tactics which could help lead them into a new arena of sales and consumer demographics. Ideas should be direct/digital marketing focused. Direct/Digital marketing includes (but is not limited to): personal selling, public relations, social media, mail, news publications, etc. Note: you cannot state the following…1) advertise on Facebook 2) advertise on Twitter 3) advertise on Instagram. Those are all examples of advertising on Social Media! Ideas should be mutually exclusive and UNIQUE!

Preparing a professional memo (use a Microsoft Word free memo template of your choosing to prepare the case)
Formatting is single spaced and headers may be used if needed (use sparingly). Font should be 12pt Times New Roman and margins should be set at “normal” Word settings (no extended margins needed).
Keep memo to under 2 pages.
Feasibility of recommendation to address main marketing issue of the case
Ability to convince the reader this is the right course of action/justification
Consideration of a viable way to implement the plan

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