A marketing proposal detailing considerations for a venture.

Gymshark is looking to add new children’s lines to its sports apparel range in the UK. The company currently sells a range of men and women sportswear. It has recently employed you as marketing officer. You have been tasked by the head of marketing department to write a 1500 word-marketing proposal detailing considerations for this new venture.
The proposal should cover the following: • Brief background on Gymshark—You would need to include the company’s mission, vision products, markets served and what differentiates its brands. You would need to provide reason and objective for entering the children’s sports apparel market in the UK. (20 marks) • Analysis and evaluation of the marketing environment highlighting key information and data that have been considered to support the new venture. Analytical tools addressing the macro-environment, industry and micro-environment should be used. (40marks) • Marketing strategy formulation — briefly recommend and justify specific marketing strategies and tactics that should be adopted by Gymshark for this new venture. What strategy formulation challenges would you highlight to the head of department? What suggestions would you provide to deal with the highlighted challenges and why?

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Marketing analytics

What is marketing analytics? What is the relationship between big data and marketing analytics? Discuss four types of marketing analytics in detail. Include a personal/professional example of how these types of analytics can be applied to marketing. Next, using the references and marketing analytics that inform your situation analysis (assignments 2), describe the type of analytics you found and how you can use this information throughout your market plan.

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Social media research for a company

Describe what you would focus on for social media research for the company you focused on in this class.

Then, describe social media analytics that matter for your business.

Be specific using terminology from the reading.

Be sure to answer the following in your plan:

What is social media research, why is it valuable for marketers?
What are the primary approaches to research and what will you focus on?
What is the research process for collecting, processing, and analysing residual social media data used in social listening and monitoring?
For your Analytics Plan:

Describe metrics that matter for your business.
What is a KPI? Describe 2-3 KPI’s for your business.
How can marketing managers apply the DATA process to evaluate social media marketing efforts?
What is A/B testing? How could you use it for your business?
What is Social Media ROI?

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The market segments, value proposition, positioning and competitive advantage of a company

Identify and analyze the market segments, value proposition, positioning and competitive advantage of the company or brand.

Continuing with the company or brand that you selected for Assignment 1, analyse their market segmentation, the value proposition offered for each segment and which products and/or services they have aligned to the relevant segments. Identify the positioning and competitive advantage they currently employ and the currently life cycle stage they are in for each product and segment. Identify ethical and sustainability issues and/or opportunities.

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Principles of Marketing

It is recommended you review the course text and other resources read or watched throughout this course.
Throughout this course, you have explored all of the elements of a marketing plan. Now it is time to put your marketing plan together for the company you selected for your marketing manager internship.


Part 1 – General Information and Situational Analysis

Section 1 – Company Background

Describe your selected company or brand.
Tell a brief history of the company.
Summarize the core products and services the company offers.
Identify direct current competitors.
Explain why they direct competitors.

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Marketing a product

For this assignment, you work for the marketing manager of an organization that is going to launch a new line of personal care products in the U.S. market. The proposed target market will be males, between 18 and 35 years old, and price points will cover income ranges from lower to mid-level. Distribution is planned to take place in drugstores, grocery stores, and stores such as Walmart and Target, with the primary retailer carrying the full product line being drugstores. You have been tasked with a consumer behavior analysis to help make marketing decisions.

Write a 4–5 page paper in which you:

Propose a type of message appeal to be used in advertising, making sure to explain the rationale behind the appeal.
Analyze the different cultures this product will appeal to and make recommendations on which three would be the best choice.
Decide which microcultures and additional demographics should be targeted.
Suggest ways to utilize group influence in the marketing of the product.
Create a plan to address need recognition, search behavior, and getting the product into the consumers’ consideration set.

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Loyalty to a brand

Are you especially loyal to any one brand? If so, what is it and why are you so loyal? When successfully building loyalty and community, trust seems to be the biggest factor. How can a company build trust and what is the best approach to do so (incorporating concepts from both the field of marketing and psychology)? What are the ethical issues and obligations that come with trust once it is built? Should consumers trust companies? Why or why not? Do you think some consumers are just more prone to be loyal to companies and other consumers are not? Why or why not?

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Determining how to get products in front of customers

Determining how to get products in front of customers for purchase is an important part of any marketing strategy. There are many factors that companies must take into consideration, including the following:

Target market
Brand positioning
Product life cycle
Company goals
Luxury products have different distribution models compared to value products.

Consider tax preparation software, such as this one. This product has a short life cycle each year. It launches in January and ends its dominant time in the marketplace by April 15. It is marketed for purchase during tax season. After tax season, consumers can still purchase it, but they must search for it themselves.

Respond to the following:

What are the distribution locations used by the brand? Be sure to detail both direct and indirect channels.
Why do you think the company uses this strategy, and how does it benefit the company?
What would you do differently to distribute this product?

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The campaign goals

Overall creative/media plan -State the campaign goals and how the campaign will achieve its goals -create value proposition/selling idea; brand story/brand promise of your product/service -create features, benefits, and proof for product/service: How is it different from competition? Are there competitive difference(s) to exploit?

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