Public Relations And Media Communication

You are to write a 3 to 5 page paper addressing this public relations nightmare for your client. Please use the following key points to direct your analysis:

What kinds of public relations tactics should be used to help The Mexican Villa?
Is there any kind of cause-related or event marketing program that might bring people back to the restaurant?
Do you believe The Mexican Villa can be saved, or is it a lost cause? Why?

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Latin America in the 1800s and 1900s

Discuss the issues that poor people have historically faced in Latin America in the 1800s and 1900s (after independence). What are the barriers that the poor have faced? What attempts have they made to try to address the problems? What kinds of resistance have the poor in Latin America faced when they tried to improve their conditions? In what countries were the issues of the poor most successfully addressed? How? What roles has the United States played in dealing with the issues of the poor in Latin America?

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Methods Of Communication

Research various methods of communication that are commonly used in business, such as email, VoIP, texting, messaging, as well as software applications used to support each (Microsoft® Outlook®, Skype®, Twitter®, Instagram®).

Discuss the questions:

In what business context would it be appropriate to use each communication method and why?
What are some of the advantages of using one method or application over another?

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Social Media and communication

  1. Briefly share an example of health misinformation on COVID-19 or another health topic from online sources you have encountered. Explain how this health misinformation could be dealt with or counteracted. Refer to the articles by Swire-Thompson and Lazer (bb 31) or Merchant et al (bb 30).
  2. Identify and discuss in detail 2 potential benefits and 2 disadvantages of health information on the Internet. Refer to the articles and slides.
  3. Read the article by Perloff (bb 32). How is the increased rise of influencers on social media positively or negatively impacting body image? How are some influencers contributing to the spread of health misinformation?

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The differences between a LAN and WAN, Internet and intranet.

  1. Explain the differences between a LAN and WAN, Internet and intranet. How are they used by universities a. businesses?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wireless network when compared to a wired network in a library environment? What can be done to mitigate the disadvantages? Based on your answers on the previous questions, please provide a scenario for the best deployment of wireless vs wired networks.
  3. What technologies in use in libraries do you think are dead or dying? Why would a library continue to support a dying/dead technology? What considerations would you take into consideration when trying to decide whether or not to end support for a technology?
  4. Identify four common security problems that affect both desktop computers and mobile devices. What can be done to limit the risk posed by these threats?
  5. Watch the short video, Nick Burns: Your Company’s Computer Guy, closed captioning is available. Click “CC” on video when it starts. What is your experience working with IT professionals at your workplace? How about staff members from other back office operations? Do you agree/disagree that IT professionals are more difficult to work with and why?
  6. Read the article by Glen and McManus (PDF). What are your strategies in working with colleagues outside your own department / u.?

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Impact of reality television on society

Since the 1990s, reality television shows have gained popularity in the United States and across the world. These shows range from competition, dating, documentaries, following famous people, and even strangers living together.
Most people agree that reality television is far from reality. The cast members are placed in staged settings, yet we accept these lies because these shows are entertaining. But the debate with reality television has moved beyond just the ‘reality’ of the production and to the message that the shows are sending. Often, people are cast into stereotypical roles, are asked to behave a certain way, and are edited to reinforce these stereotypes. In addition, many have criticized the type of people cast on reality television, believing that their beauty and wealth does not reflect most people.
Consider the impact reality television has had on society since its debut. For instance, what effect has reality television had on stereotypes, expectations of beauty, or competition? Using reputable sources and evidence to support your claims, research an effect that reality television has on society and explain the significance of its impact.

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