Using technology to pass message

Imagine that you must give a weekly toolbox talk to everyone on a construction site. You have multiple trades, multiple languages, and highly hazardous work going on. There are over 200 workers onsite, and you must make sure everyone gets the same message. How do you do this? Would you enlist help from anyone else, or use technology? Explain.

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The Smart Phone as a Dangerous Technology

An important component of your dissertation is the methodology chosen. Discuss the topic that you are selecting for your dissertation. Locate one article in a peer reviewed journal that closely relates to your topic. Describe the method used, the sample, the population chosen, was there a survey involved in a quantitative study, or a set of questions asked as in a qualitative study. Finally, can you identify the problem the researcher(s) tried to examine?

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Mobile device security.

The CIO has asked you to present to the outside sales team about mobile device security.  As they will be using mobile devices out in the field, you must prepare them for some common mobile device risks and vulnerabilities.  Name and define various common Bluetooth security attacks. Include a detailing of the characteristics of each.   (Essay - Must be at least 150 words)

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Case Study: Tractonomy Robotics

Tractonomy is a robotics startup currently located in Kortrijk, Belgium and relocating soon to Ghent, Belgium ( Tractonomy develops complete autonomous towing robot (ATR) solutions capable of moving materials anywhere from 100kg to 1000kg loaded on carts. The company develop fleets of quick and efficient cart tuggers that are managed by cloud technologies for fast moving production, e-commerce and fulfillment applications. Their robots are designed for superior safety and reliability.

Watch the video on following link to learn about how the company initially was developed ( and review Tractonomy’s website to fully understand the scope of their business

The core purpose of Tractonomy is to reduce costs and improve the supply chain efficiency of their customers by providing easy-to-deploy autonomous solutions.

In most warehouses, the carts with goods are moved from point A to point B by using human labour and industrial trucks. This leads to higher cost and impacts the speed. The autonomous robot is the cheapest and fastest way to transfer materials including non-conveyable.

Tractonomy’s solutions offer dramatic increases in worker productivity and a significant savings by eliminating the need for manually operated equipment like forklift and tugger-trains. In an industry overwhelmed by the unavailability, cost and inefficiencies of people and traditional equipment like transpallets, tractors and forklifts, Tractonomy aims to make intralogistics productive and resilient, as affirmed by their customers, both current and prospective.

Tractonomy has robotics, AI and computer networking specialists who know how to combine machine and cloud intelligence to help their customers succeed with autonomous mobile robots.

Operational Aspects/Challenges:
While the company has developed itself with good knowledge and skills in technical aspects, it is seeking to expand its market share and operations in the United Kingdom To do so the company wants to explore following aspects, but are not limited to:
• Understand the market’s profile of potential UK market for Tractonomy’s robotics (Market Segmentation) and which specific segment(s) should Tractonomy focus on.
• Understanding the types of material movement processes within the UK warehouses, and which of those processes companies wants to automate.
• Understand what approaches/methods are currently deployed in general for material movement (e.g. pallet jacks, manual labor, conveyor belts, forklifts, tractors or other forms of robotics and automation).
• Understand the value the Tractonomy Robotics can provide to the operations of warehouses in the UK.
• Understand what specific challenges (shortage of labour, rising labor costs, impact of Brexit, COVID-19, inflation or other economical or global trends) exist in UK warehousing sector, which can be addressed through automation

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Best Recruiting Rapid Employment

Comprehensive business plan and pitch deck. Start up business proposal to investors and banks. The company is called Best Recruiting Rapid Agency. With 75k to start, Niche is only for clinical, non clinical and technical roles. The location is Maryland, owner’s background has been recruiting for over 8 years with a masters in business administration and PMP certified. Recruiter has helped companies in the human resource department develop ways to attract and retain applicants.

Complete Business Plan Include:

Executive Summary
Business Goals & Objectives
Mission & Vision Statement
Key to Success
Core Values
Company Description
Company Management
Competitors Analysis
Industry Analysis
Market Research
Market Size
Target Market
Marketing Strategy
Sales Strategy
Financial plan includes:

Start-up Summary
Revenue Forecast
Projected Profit and Loss
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Break-even Analysis
Ratios analysis
Business valuation
Graphs and Tables

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How machine learning

Examine how machine learning can be applied in health care. The advent of interoperability and telehealth present the opportunity to apply machine learning to a wide variety of practices and services in health care. Machine learning models use large datasets to help providers diagnose and treat illness and potentially improve the prognosis for the patient. The increased use of machine learning in health care increases the need to protect patient information. Machine learning can be used to protect patient information. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation to establish how machine learning is applied to patient care and the protection of patient information.

Prepare a 10–15-slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed scholarly speaker notes in which you:

Establish how concepts of machine learning are applied in health care. Support with examples.
Differentiate how the three types of machine learning—supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning—could be applied in health care. Support with examples.
Determine three different situations where machine learning could be applied in health care.
Propose how machine learning could be used to protect patient information in three identified situations.
Propose how machine learning could be applied to improve health care delivery for both the patient and the provider in three identified situations.
Use at least three sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.

Propose how contemporary HIMS technologies and concepts can be applied to improve health care delivery through health care information.
Top 4 Machine Learning Use Cases for Healthcare Providers.
The HIPAA Privacy Rule.
New Machine Learning Approach Supports Patient Data Privacy.

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