Differences between Theory and Concept Research

Write an annotated bibliography of two theories and two conceptual framework models. Use your knowledge from Week 4 about writing an annotated bibliography. This week, you will keep the sources to only theories and conceptual frameworks. You may use any theories and conceptual frameworks you choose.

Name the theory or conceptual framework in a heading.

Write two or three paragraphs about the author, the concept of the theory or conceptual framework.

Write at least one paragraph of the use in history and today or why it is not used today.

Write a conclusion about your thoughts on the theory or conceptual framework.

Using the instruction below, access the SPSS page and create an account. Include a screenshot of this account in your paper. Write a paragraph of your experience getting to this stage.

NCU includes the IBM SPSS Statistics software as a component covered by the Course Materials Fee. You will need this software for your statistics course(s) and may wish to use the software for other courses and/or your dissertation.

Sample Solution

Rational Choice Theory

complete a 2,000-word argumentative essay examining:
The perspectives you are going to look at are – Rational Choice Theory (Psychology) and General Strain Theory
(Sociology). You will compare and contrast these two theories and their explanations of offending decision-making
and deterrence effectiveness (through threat of punishment).
Your essay must rely on a minimum of fifteen (15) peer reviewed journal articles.
To do this, you will:
• Address the concepts of deterrence and rationality
o Introduce the assumptions of deterrence. Explain the logic (and/or downfalls) of deterring crime
through punishment.
• Introduce and explain both theories and their disciplinary perspectives.
o Discuss how Rational Choice Theory and General Strain Theory can be applied to this question to
explain downfalls (or successes) of deterrence efforts (threat of punishment).
o Actively compare and contrast the two theories and their explanations/arguments as to why

Sample Solution

The “New Growth Theory”

Write a 5-6 page mini-paper, on a trending topic in Economics.
You may use non-peer reviewed sources to start your quest, but support your writing with Economic theory(ies) and academic resources
Synthesize and connect to the “New Growth Theory” economic theory as a major theme.
Integrate the impact of remote work on gender parity (advantages and disadvantages), use supporting academic resources

Sample Solution

The core of feelings theories of emotion

Illustrate the ideas at the core of feelings theories of emotion and link the relevance to a discussion so that the analysis may be developed in the dissertation. Look at key debates such as debates concerning the relationship between emotions and rationality. Explain what the main positions in this area may argue and what stance will be taken with regard to them in the dissertation. Theories of emotion: James Lange Theory, Cannon Bard Theory, Schachter Singer/Two factor Theory, Lazarus’ cognitive meditational theory. It is key to look at cognitive rationality and strategic rationality and explore a number of ways in which the emotions can succeed or fail with respect to different standards of rationality

Sample Solution


Which of the theories we covered so far best fits the practice setting you work in or that you are interested in working? What about the theory makes it well-suited for your practice setting?

​​​​​​​Use the 6 criteria from Ch. 7 of Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice for choosing the most appropriate theory for a practice.

Select a practice/clinical setting. Some examples could be an emergency room, hospice, community-based long-term care facility, children’s clinic, etc.

Use the following 6 criteria to select a theory appropriate for the setting you chose:

Clinical setting
Origin of the theory
Paradigms as a basis for choice
Patient’s needs
Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes in which you explain:

The practice or clinical setting you chose
Provide some detail to give context to the setting.
The theory you selected for this practice or clinical setting and a discussion of the origin of the theory
Concepts that comprise the theory
The theory’s application to practice
How the 6 criteria helped you choose the theory
Why the selected theory is well suited for the setting
What you would use to guide patient care in the absence of a theory

Sample Solution

Theoretical and empirical literature pertinent

Conduct a search for theoretical and empirical literature pertinent to capital budgeting theory and practice. Locate at least three peer-reviewed journal articles in addition to the two articles provided in the learning activities. Address the following elements:
Evaluate each of the five articles. Discuss research objectives, methods, main findings, conclusions, key limitations, and contributions.
Synthesize the key findings from all the articles reviewed in Part (1) into basic themes.
Assess the gaps in the literature as related to capital budgeting theory and practice.
Identify directions for future research.
Evaluate the following two proposed capital investment projects. Complete the evaluation using analytic tools including Payback Period (PP), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Profitability Index (PI) in Excel. Report the evaluation results in your paper. Make a decision to invest in one of the two proposed capital projects.
Case Information:

You are the Administrative Director of the Operating Room (OR) at a large hospital within a national health system. The OR recently hired a new General Surgeon. Upon review of the existing imaging devices, he requested for an acquisition of the following two pieces of medical equipment:

CT: A new mobile 16-slice CT Scanner
PET: A refurbished PET Scanner

The following are the financial data that you have compiled concerning these two scanners:

Available capital for the projects is $750,000.
The interest rate used to discount cash flows is 6%.
The CT Scanner’s total cost in acquisition, shipping, and installation is $365,500. It has a 10-year useful life with no salvage value at the end of Year 10. It can generate the following net cash flows from Year 1 to Year 10:
Yr Net Cash Flow
1 $260,000
2 $520,000
3 $520,000
4 $416,000
5 $416,000
6 $416,000
7 $468,000
8 $468,000
9 $520,000
10 $390,000
The refurbished PET Scanner’s total cost in acquisition, shipping, and installation is $699,500. It has a 7-year useful life with no salvage value at the end of Year 7. It can generate the following net cash flows from Year 1 to Year 7:
Yr Net Cash Flow
1 $312,000
2 $312,000
3 $436,800
4 $520,000
5 $520,000
6 $572,000
7 $416,000

  1. Assess the limitations of capital budgeting analytic tools such as Payback Period (PP), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Profitability Index (PI).
  2. Conclude with a summary discussion.

Sample Solution

Agenda-Setting Theory

Many people get all or most of their news from social media. For this project, we are going to be analyzing the content of several social media sites from major news sources, paying particular attention to social media standards, practices, and regulation.

Where do you get your news? Start by going to one major news site’s FACEBOOK page (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.) Try another different news site’s TWITTER feed, and third choose another social media site such as Reddit, Pinterest, or another (preferably one you use, if there is one).

Analyze the sites in a 3-5 page total paper. In your analysis, be sure to include the following:

General introduction to your thoughts on the social media you studied
Several social media practices you observed (e.g., what gets the most interaction?)
Examples of regulation of social media and discussion of such regulation (Is it good, bad, or indifferent? How could circumstances change the situation?)
Analysis of ethical concerns (e.g., can you see examples of bias?)
What is the culture of each site – how do users seem to respond to questionable items? (Is racism or open mocking ignored or pursued?)
Conclusion of your findings

Sample Solution