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Channel Motivation

Every retail outlet has unique characteristics that influence a brand’s success. These include the location of the outlet, the type of shopper who frequents the outlet, the cost of doing business through the outlet, and outlet policies governing the product category in which you compete. Outlet policies include how much shelf space they allocate to the product category, how they allocate shelf space among brands, whether they carry a broad or narrow line, their willingness to carry in-store point-of-purchase promotional displays, etc.

Why is shelf space such an important measure? How do you think a brand—especially a new brand—gains shelf space? What motivates channels of distribution to sell a product?

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This idea is noticeable in many pieces, but it is particularly apparent in the works of one of the most well-known and recognized authors, William Shakespeare. In his works he consistently creates drama through staging fatal endings for the main characters. So, in the famous Romeo and Juliet, both main protagonists face death in the culmination of the play; similarly, in Othello, Othello kills his wife, Desdemona, the leading female character in an state of jealousy and distrust towards her etc. Although Shakespeare does not belong to the Greek literators, all of the aforementioned tragic events occurring in the plays are illustrative of the principles stated by Aristotle. However, there are also a degree of discrepancy: the “fatal flaw” described in by Aristotle is mostly evident in the male characters, for instance, Othello in Othello and Romeo in Romeo in Juliet, yet the ones faced with the consequences of it are Desdemona and Juliet respectively. This allows to suggest that, perhaps, both female characters in the plays were somewhat deprived of freedom of action. Therefore, a subsequent question arises, stating the research question of this paper: “ To what extent are Desdemona and Juliet responsible for and in control of their actions?”. In order to answer the main research question, the following sub-question is introduced: “To what extent is fate the key force in advancing the story of Desdemona and Juliet?”. Exploring this theme will allow to evaluate the degree of dependency on the pre-determined factors that are not affected by the internal actions of the characters, hence outline the level of significance of the characters’ deeds and therefore answer the question of their responsibility. Furthermore, this essay seeks to briefly explore the topic of gender presentation in both works, as due to the peculiarities of the settings, various traditions and beliefs cherished in the past play important role in the character development and may hinder Desdemona and Juliet’s independence. This would place a

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