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Chemistry. Reactions

  1. Predict whether each of the following chemical reactions will occur. For each reaction that will

occur, identify the reaction type and complete the chemical equation by writing in the products

formed and balancing the final equation. General solubility rules are in Table 1 on page 437 of the


a. Ba(NO3)2(aq) + Na3PO4(aq) →

b. . Al(s) + O2(g) →

c. I2(s) + NaBr(aq) →

d. C3H4(g) + O2(g) →

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The car companies, after succeeding in getting what they want, have also begun to rush in their implementation. With automobile companies rushing to create and implement these autonomous vehicles, the safety is not perfected and up to par. Not only is there a lack of useful state regulation, there is a lack of federal regulation ensuring safe conditions on the road. Both state and federal regulation do not do enough to limit the major downside of the self-driving cars. This downside is the potential safety issues. Now that companies could potentially sell unlimited amounts of autonomous vehicles without up to par safety standards, they will naturally want to be the first to test within a state’s borders. This high demand for testing leads self-driving cars to be raw and unrefined. There have been many crashes throughout the several years that self-driving cars have been implemented, and it reflects the regulation they have. Tesla’s self-driving car recently had a crash while backing out of a garage. Drew Harwell of the Washington Post puts it simply by stating, “The car had failed disastrously, during the simplest of maneuvers, using one of the most basic features from the self-driving technology he and his family had trusted many times at higher speeds,” (Harwell). The unpredictability of self-driving cars is a significant problem. There is no certainty that the car won’t swerve off of the road and kill 30 civilians while driving autonomously. It all relies on Artificial Intelligence and the sensors that it uses. This is not the only problem. The larger, overhanging problem is that the governments are not doing anything to prevent this problem or have failed in trying. In order to provide a safe future for self-driving cars, there needs to be a couple of priorities. Federal regulation that increases the safety of self-driving cars and commands a gradual approach to the implementation of them will effectively diminish the potentially damaging setbacks of the cars. Much of the public backlash surrounding these cars is that fact that they are being forced onto the public. To give time for the public to adjust and the safety to improve, companies and government should slow down. Jack Barkenbus, a writer for the National Academy of Sciences, an organization of leading science researchers, states, “I believe a more compelling case can be made for taking a more measured and incremental approach to automation. The strongest argument for a go-slow–or at least go-slower–approach is that the public has yet to join the automation bandwagon,” (Barkenbus). If the public is more accepting of the regulation and product, the transition into a world of self-driving cars will be smoother. The public first need to have trust in the government to regulate competently, but then trust in the self-driving cars to be safe as well. Going slow will give the public time to familiarize itself with the technology while on the roads. There is also the counterargument that self-driving cars need to be implemented as soon as possible. Daniel Araya, Ph.D., a tech consultant and advisor to the go

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