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Choosing a research design/approach.

There are many factors that need to be considered in choosing a research design/approach. Based on the research problemidentified in the Week 4 discussion posting:
• Select one research design/approach (descriptive, correlational, semi-experimental, review, meta-analytic, descriptive-longitudinal case study, ethnographic, grounded theory, etc.) that could be used for the chosen topic
• Elaborate on why the chosen approach is appropriate

Week 4 Discussion
Research problem
Nosocomial infections have been on the rise especially for patients admitted to the surgical units versus the medical units. This obviously leads to an increased hospital readmission which has resulted in depletion of resources in the hospital as well as increased mortality rate of patients. There is a need to develop an intervention or interventions to reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infections and prevent the associated hospital readmissions and mortality. Given the elevated morbidity, fatality, duration of stay, and expense of such illnesses, measures should be taken to keep healthcare facilities as safe as feasible (Sikora & Zahra, 2021).

Problem Statement
Nosocomial infections or hospital acquired infections (HAI) have risen recently regardless of the efforts already put in to place to address it. According to Khan et al., (2017, nosocomial infections) in affluent nations account for 7% of all infections, whereas in developing countries, they account for 10%. Because these diseases develop during hospital stay, they result in a delay in discharging the patient, incapacity, and financial hardship. Various interventions have been implemented to reduce these infections, but they have not proven to be effective. The aim of this study is to investigate effective strategies to reduce HAI in the surgical unit. It will identify the most effective intervention through questionnaires and interviews.
Research question
What is the perception of healthcare providers on HAI?

Sample Solution

ological perspective, the wholesomeness of crime can be substantiated in a number of ways. From the functionalist view we follow the words of Emile Durkheim, a French sociologist who clarified the normality and necessity of crime. He believed that crime “is a normal aspect of society and crime itself serves a social function” (Law and Society, 2012). He considers crime to simply be deviant behavior that violates social norms, and it is under the adverse reactions by society toward these behaviors that law is hence created. Crime allows an effective amount of change within society, according to Durkheim it clarifies moral boundaries and affirm positive norms, encourages unity and promotes social change. When people are made aware of the inevitability of crime, it triggers a mass contemplation of whether the violated social norm is valid or not (Thompson, 2009). For instance, homosexual relationships were illegal in the US before 2004, and until that point being a homosexual was considered an immoral act that violates common norms. But the legalization of homosexuality was later made possible when the irrationality of criminalizing gay relationships was publicized. More and more people began to understand the problem of groundless accusations in our predominant social norms and legal systems, and it coherently transformed into motivation for social change. In the conflict theory perspective, crime can be seen as a safety valve. This means that if we allow the public to satisfy themselves with the freedom to exercise a certain amount of deviance, more stability and peace can be achieved (Hamlin, 2009). The legalization of prostitution, for example, can serve the function of a safety valve without threatening the institution of the family. Through collectively recognizing the negative impacts of crime can also pull people closer to each other, and can help us gain a sense of belonging. After the 2017 Manchester bombing incident there was a continuous uproar on the internet with people from all over the world expressing their empathy for the unfortunate victims. The world came together in the form of campaigns, hashtags and charity. With a common enemy, it allows us to achieve a new level of harmony and patriotism. In this case, crime serves as a welcome reminder that our darkest hours are always followed with moments of warmth and unity

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