Choosing from three of the 10 Whole System Design elements (summarised here), explain why they are important, and discuss the potential they have to transform an aspect of your work place or sector of interest. Include one example of best practice that you can observe in your sector (in Australia or overseas).

– Element 1: Ask the Right Questions

– Element 2: Benchmark Against the Optimal System

– Element 3: Design and Optimise the Whole System

– Element 4: Account for All Measurable Impacts

– Element 5: Design and Optimise Subsystems in the Right Sequence

– Element 6: Design and Optimise Subsystems to Achieve Compounding Resource Savings

– Element 7: Review the System for Potential Improvements

– Element 8: Model the System

– Element 9: Track Technology Innovation

– Element 10: Design to Create Future Options

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