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Christian’s relationship to the Old Testament

Given the existence of an Old and a New Testament raises the question: What is the Christian’s relationship to the Old Testament? More particularly, what is the Christian’s obligation to the Old Testament Law (laws)? Please begin this discussion by considering what Jesus himself said about the Old Testament. Consider some of Jesus’ most pertinent statements regarding the Law and the Prophets. How did Jesus view his own relationship to the Old Testament? Did Jesus teach that the Old Testament Law was binding for his followers? Offer a solution to this perplexing issue.

Sample Solution

There are many settings within this story that accentuate the supernatural effects and other elements, such as conflict and ambiguity, within this story. Another setting in the story worth pointing out is when the narrator describes the signalman to be living in a place of social isolation, “His post was in as solitary and dismal a place I ever saw”. Here the narrator expresses the signalman to be in a place where he exists alone and is secluded from all other types of life except the supernatural which could lead to a depressive state. To further prove this the narrator states “this was a lonesome post to occupy… A visitor was a rarity” which accentuates the man’s loneliness in this setting. This is significant because since he is the only person to exist in this place it makes him more vulnerable and susceptible to things in the supernatural world, such as a spectre. Both the vulnerability and loneliness of the man is the stem to him becoming a victimized figure of a greater entity, in this case it is a spectre from the supernatural world. The victimization of the signalman plays an immense role in causing troubles in his life which creates a major conflict that makes his sanity questionable. There are many significant scenes throughout this story that point to what exactly lead to that. The main occurrence that shows where the man’s troubles originate from is on page 76. This is where the signalman speaks of his first encounter with the fearful spectre who he confused the narrator to be when he first shouted down, “Halloa! Below there”. This is where this significant line in the story comes back into play as the signalman firmly suggests to the narrator not to call that out. This is due to the signalman perceiving this scream to be eerie and scary as it makes him fearful of the existing spectre in this place. You could sense his fear by the word phrases such as, “violently waved” and “gesticulating with the utmost passion and vehemence”, which the narrator uses to describe the performance of the signalman mimicking the actions of the spectre. This is significant because it makes it more dramatic and intense for the reader to feel the fear and horror this spectre bestows onto the man. Moreover, the fear is the reason for this man’s constant anxiety that prevails and increases as time goes on. Furthermore, this first encounter is also noteworthy due to the importance of the foreshadow that is being used here. All of the troubles the signalman has are a foreshadow to him being an active observant and participant in his own fate and destiny. Exact way his fate carries out.

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