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Circulation of Blood.



Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following:

Name the fluid portion of the whole blood. What constitutes the formed elements of blood? List the granulocytic and a granulocytic leucocyte. Discuss the destruction of red blood cells in the body. Identify the two basic coagulation steps.

Discussion 5
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Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following:

In anatomical term, where is the heart located? Name the three of the that make up the wall of the heart. What is the function of each layer? Name the four chamber of the heart and the valves associated with them. List the principal structures of the heart´s conduction system. What are the three deflection waves seen in a typical ECG? What event does each ECG wave represent? Name the three major types of blood vessels.

CHAPTER 30: Circulation of Blood.

CHAPTER 31: Lymphatic System.


Compose 400 words or more discussion to respond the following:

What is meant by the term venous return? What is the overall function of the Lymphatic System? Compare lymphatic vessels with blood vessels. Where are lymph nodes usually found? What functions are carried out by lymph nodes? Where are the tonsils located? What major role does the thymus play in Immunity? What are the major functions of the spleen?

Sample Solution

Economically it can be said that these countries have strong ones as well as the educational systems are good what is important because when universities and universities of applied sciences offer exchange programs to Russia, Cultural Connectors can give trainings for students / teachers who are willing to go abroad. Concerning the socio-cultural factors it can be stated that due to globalization reasons inhabitants of Belgium and the Netherlands are willing to move to China and Russia and therefore are in need of trainings towards other cultures, which give Cultural Connectors a great opportunity to expand to those countries. Furthermore the English level in the Netherlands is rated as the 3rd best in the world according to the English Proficiency Index (Mc Daid, 2013), hence trainings can be performed easily in English by Cultural Connectors. In the field of technology it can be said that these countries are well developed and have advanced knowledge which gives Cultural connectors the opportunity to use online tools. This would consequently be different in 3rd world countries. Theoretical framework 2.1 Theories on business opportunities in the educational sector According to Baron (2006), business opportunities can be established by having pattern recognition. Pattern recognition is the ability of a person to connect diverse events into specific opportunities (Baron, 2006). In the case of Cultural Connectors, the diverse events could be as follow: numbers of exchange students who want to do study or do an exchange in Russia, students’ problems in coping with Russian culture, and growing partnership between Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and Belgium with Universities in Russia. As stated by Shane (2000) in his research report, one should have prior knowledge towards specific aspects in order to discover particular opportunities. Based on the previous mentioned statement by Shane (2000), we could indicate that opportunities in the educational sector can be identified by having high level of knowledge about, for instance, cultural related programs in the Universities as some Universities need more input in their cultural related programs or even want to add cultural trainings as one as their programs.

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