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Clear a patient for an elective procedure

You have been asked to clear a patient for an elective procedure. You are seeing the patient in the preoperative clinic. Respond to the following and support your summary and recommendations plan with a minimum of two APRN-approved scholarly resources.

Discuss the areas of concern you would review.
Develop a patient presentation as you may have experienced in clinical practice or practicum hours and detail the process and workup performed.

Sample Solution

examination from different nations showed an exceptional comparability in the sorts of variables that impacted mental weakness. These based on the requests of work - responsibility, extended periods of time and tension - unfortunate help and absence of control. Levels of pressure, then, at that point, that will frequently result from way of life decisions have been displayed to adversely affect wellbeing. Stress might have an intriguing commitment towards wellbeing by the circuitous method for diet. Cartwright, Wardle, Steggles, Simon, Croker and Jarvis (2003) explored how levels of pressure are related with dietary practices in an example of 4,320 younger students who came from a wide range of social and financial foundations. The kids were approached to finish an apparent pressure survey, to supply segment data, to depict their greasy food admission, products of the soil consumption, recurrence of nibbling and recurrence of having breakfast. Likewise, level and weight were additionally estimated. These variables were contrasted involving a multivariate investigation with look for associations. The review areas of strength for found that pressure is personally connected with dietary choices. The kids who scored the most elevated on degrees of seen pressure, were those youngsters who would in general eat the most tidbits and greasy food varieties, while likewise being to the least extent liable to eat products of the soil or consistently have breakfast. Likewise, the scientists observed that there was a moderately direct connection between the factors, so the higher the degrees of stress, the further dietary examples veered from those considered more solid. Refering to Dietz (1994), the creators express that the years 11-12 address one of the three basic time frames that have the most antagonistic effect on the body assuming stoutness is capable. It is more probable, assuming a youngster is fat at this age, that they will keep on being stout, and obviously this has related medical conditions for the entire life which incorporate osteoarthritis, malignant growth and cardiovascular sickness. This examination addressed an alternate way to deal with that taken beforehand - as opposed to tending to what dietary variables are meant for by a specific distressing occasion, they were searching for a general typical connection among stress and dietary elements. The strength of this examination is that it included utilizing an enormous example size which regularly gives more precise outcomes as the force of the exploration is more noteworthy. Likewise, the members were taken from an assortment of financial gatherings which gives more noteworthy load to the speculation of the outcomes. Reactions of the examination are based around the utilization of self-report information, it is many times the situation that when individuals complete these sorts of instruments they are not totally exact or fair for a large number of reasons. The systemic issue that the creators recognize is that the affiliations found in the review were moderate, showing that mindfulness ought to be used in translation. One significant piece of individuals' ways of life that has been researched corresponding to pressure is their work and what it means for their lives. Michie and Williams (2003) survey the proof of the elements influencing mental weakness as well as ailment leave from work. This study tracked down elevated degrees of mental chronic sickness, particularly in clinics in the UK, where rates were between 17-33% (Wall, Bolden and Borrill, 1997

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