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Background: Carter is representing a client, Dima, in a divorce case. Carter asks your help to calculate the amount that one parent will owe the other parent under Maryland’s Child Support Guidelines. Carter will use your completed calculations and calculation worksheet at her next meeting with Dima.

Carter summarized the facts for you in Dima’s divorce case.

Facts: Dima and Martha Jones are divorcing and are separated. The parties and their attorneys will be meeting soon to discuss a possible settlement. Carter and the LRC is representing Dima. Martha Jones is represented by another attorney.

The parties have lived their entire married lives in Maryland, and they have 3 children who were born in Maryland: Stuart, age 11 years (born 01/05/08), Danae, 4 years (born 10/15/14), and Grace, 1 year (born 10/15/17).

Dima also has a 13-year-old daughter, Julia, from a previous relationship. Dima pays $500.00/month for Julia’s child support.

Martha has been the primary caregiver for their 3 children. Dima expects this to continue, at least for now, as the children are currently living with Martha. Dima usually sees the children most Wednesday nights for three hours. He also attends many of Stuart’s football and baseball games. The children do not stay overnight with Dima.

Dima’s gross income is $96,000/year – $12,000/month. Martha’s gross income is $60,000/year -$5,000/month. Martha gets health insurance through her employer, and pays $300/month to cover the children.

Danae and Grace are in daycare while Martha is at work. Daycare cost is $300/week for Danae and $450/week for Grace. There are no daycare fee adjustments for absences or school holidays. Dima pays the day care tuition directly to the daycare facility.

Stuart plays football each August through November, and baseball March through May. Football expenses are $50/month; baseball expenses are $200 for the season. Dima is very motivated to support his son’s involvement in sports, so he pays these costs directly to the teams. (Hint: Make sure to read (Md. Ann. Code, Fam. Law § 12-204(i)) (Westlaw 2020) carefully when considering these expenses).


Review Maryland’s child support guidelines in Westlaw, noting closely the relevant definitions and other statutory provisions before calculating the amount owed.

  1. Calculate how much, under the Maryland Child Support Guidelines, Dima be obligated to pay in monthly support for Stuart, Danae, and Grace.

TIP: Figures may need to be prorated. Be sure that costs or offsets apply under the law before you use them.

NOTE: Include your calculation worksheet showing each number you entered. To do this, use a Maryland Child Support Calculator and print a copy of your worksheet so it shows each number you entered. Instead of printing to paper, “Print to .pdf” to save your work as a .pdf file.

To access a state-provided online calculator, visit:

Sample Solution

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