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Data has become a competitive advantage in a whole new way. However, the value or how to use it as a competitive advantage is lacking in most organizations. So, where is data and this competitive advantage going?

Amazon is using big data more effectively than most of its competition. They also have a key advantage of not only being able to provide just about anything you can think of purchasing but they have invested in big data architecture with their smart home technologies surrounding television and active listening technology.

A successful Amazon business is ThredUp.

ThredUp was growing by 100% per year, running on the Amazon AWS platform before it decided it needed more options and expertise to evolve their company into the next phase of their online business. They reached out to a company called Kubernetes to help them speed up their performance and provide a better customer experience. Kubernetes segmented their massive database into small containers using the agile processes of project management to improve performance and server response times. A hidden value of this project resulted in “rapid deployment of new services and a decreased by 56% of hardware costs for this business while the number of services ThredUP runs has doubled”. Finding the right company to host your services is key to your ebusiness model and plan.

“Our future’s all about automation, and behind that, cloud-native technologies are going to unlock our ability to embrace that and go full force towards the future.”


As we continue to thrive online performing basic offerings and then discover new ways to reach our customers, this is a value-added step we must consider meeting the demand of our customers and evolve with them into the next generation of the online experience.

Watch this video before answering the questions below.

In the example of ThredUp, use figure 3.9 on page 118 of the textbook and explain which of the four business models are they using as they sell products to consumers, purchase products from customers, and resell these goods? Explain your answer or answers.
How would this organization benefit from User-Contributed Content to help sell their goods and services?
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wage war in response to anticipated wrong,’ suggesting we cannot just harm another just because they have done something unjust. Other factors need to be considered, for example, Proportionality. Thirdly, Vittola argues that war should be avoided (Begby et al (2006b), Page 332) and that we should proceed circumstances diplomatically. This is supported by the “last resort” stance in Frowe, where war should not be permitted unless all measures to seek diplomacy fails (Frowe (2011), Page 62). This means war shouldn’t be declared until one party has no choice but to declare war, in order to protect its territory and rights, the aim of war. However, we can also argue that the war can never be the last resort, given there is always a way to try to avoid it, like sanctions or appeasement, showing Vittola’s theory is flawed. Fourthly, Vittola questions upon whose authority can demand a declaration of war, where he implies any commonwealth can go to war, but more importantly, “the prince” where he has “the natural order” according to Augustine, and all authority is given to him. This is further supported by Aristotle’s Politics ((1996), Page 28): ‘a king is the natural superior of his subjects.’ However, he does later emphasise to put all faith in the prince is wrong and has consequences; a thorough examination of the cause of war is required along with the willingness to negotiate rival party (Begby et al (2006b), Page 312& 318). This is supported by the actions of Hitler are deemed unjustly. Also, in today’s world, wars are no longer fought only by states but also non-state actors like Al-Queda and ISIS, showing Vittola’s normative claim on authority is outdated. This is further supported by Frowe’s claim that the leader needs to represent the people’s interests, under legitimate authority, which links on to the fourth condition: Public declaration of war. Agreed with many, there must be an official announcement on a declaration of war (Frowe (2011), Page 59-60&63). Finally, the most controversial condition is that wars should have a reasonable chance of success. As Vittola reiterated, the aim of war is to establish peace and security; securing the public good. If this can’t be achieved, Frowe argues it would be better to surrender to the enemy. This can be justified because the costs of war would have been bigger (Frowe (2011), Page 56-7). Consequently, jus ad bellum comprises several conditions but most importantly: just cause an

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