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Collaborative Learning Community (CLC)

It is not unusual for organizations to have several people in leadership roles who participate in collaborative decision-making for the benefit of the entire organization. Leading teams of diverse individuals is a significant challenge, and negotiating individual strengths, weaknesses, and personalities can be difficult. Nonetheless, as managers, it is your responsibility to effectively lead teams through establishing expectations designed to motivate individuals, fostering critical decision-making skills, and improving communication and collaboration among teammates. For the assignments in Topics 4 and 5, as part of the management team at a successful, regional airline, Southwest Transit, you have been directed to form a team for a high-stakes, high-pressure project. Together, the management team will come to a consensus and a recommendation will be delivered to the director.

Begin by reading the attached “Southwest Transit Company Profile” and ” Southwest Transit Team Member Profiles.” In your assigned group, each CLC group member, will recommend a team of six people from the given Southwest Transit team member profiles, ensuring to provide an explanation for their choices. After reviewing the candidate recommendations from the other CLC group members, the CLC group as a unit will negotiate and agree upon a Southwest Transit team that will eventually be presented to the director.

Based on your understanding of the company, the project, and the people involved, propose your team selection. Your proposal should be accompanied an explanation of 200 to 300 words with intro that addresses the following:

Why did your team select the six team members? Why did you decide against the others. Team members chosen are Natalie, Elizabeth, Michael, Susan, William, and Katelyn.

Sample Solution

y lives, which we usually accept as true without questioning it. Sometimes it deceives us, since human perception and emotions influence our way of thinking, which could lead to inaccurate observations. Scientific knowledge, on the other hand, prevents these mistakes, as this type is acquired through research. The data is collected, there should be a clear purpose of the research and interpretations should be reported systematically and transparently. Thus, research can be defined as a systematic process undertaken to increase knowledge. (Eljuri, 2013) B) We cannot state that all information is true because there are factors that can influence or manipulate the way we receive the message or the information itself. Firstly, it can be tampered with, for example a researcher can falsify the data. Secondly, there may be mistakes in research. Lastly, there can be a strong subjective point of view in which people stick to their opinion no matter what. 3. To what extent does diversity in the working environment define the performance of a leader? We have chosen this research question, because it links to our articles, meets the requirements of a good research question, we find the topic interesting and we believe that this research question will lead to an elaborate project. Lastly, the question addresses a significant matter within business and management that we would like to explore. 4. Our research objective is to emphasise the influence of diversity in the working environment and to show that the impact of diversity on a leader’s performance is often underestimated. The impact of globalisation is increasing and working environments are becoming more diverse. It is necessary that people understand the influence, for them to deal with the effects efficiently. 5. Our research question will classify as fundamental research, since it will expand knowledge regarding the impact of diversity on the workforce. Furthermore, the findings will have significant value to society, but it will not bring a solution to a problem itself. Finally, we have decided on the topic and research objective ourselves. Fundamental research brings out value to society but is not directly applicable to problems in the real world and is assumed to be the foundation of applied research. Applied research gives practical solutions that are relevant to managers in organisations. 6. Scientific articles (Full reference in bibliography) A) Article one: The impact of cultural diversity in corporate boards on firm performance

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