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Columbus Day

Did you know Martin Luther King Jr. and Christopher Columbus are the only two non-presidential individuals to have a federal holiday named after them? Let that factoid sink in for a minute—Martin Luther King Jr– a Southern preacher and an iconic civil rights hero who protested against segregation and racism through nonviolence and the other individual is Christopher Columbus who is either celebrated as a heroic modern navigator who defied all odds and “discovered” the Americas or a greedy murderous pirate who spread colonialism and genocide. Because of the latter, Columbus Day as a celebration has come under fire in the last couple of decades because many people especially historians started to separate the man from the myth and held him responsible for spreading violence, racism, and ultimately genocide. Many communities and more than 27 states across America have eliminated Columbus Day as a holiday altogether and replaced the day with “Indigenous Day” as a way to bring awareness to Native Americans. However, some states and people continue to celebrate Christopher Columbus and question whether taking away their right to celebrate the man will lead to any effective and positive changes. So where do you stand on this topic of Columbus Day?

Sample Solution

During the 17th century, Europe was the center of two different types of government; absolutism and constitutionalism. Absolutism is the idea that only one ruler should see over the country and establish power. Constitutionalism is the idea that the people in society have just as much power as the king and that they have their rights by nature. John Locke and Jean Domat both have their own opinions on how a government should be run. Jean Domat is a person who favors the idea of absolutism. He believes that people are given a certain rank in society, in other words, a type of predestiny. It was believed God assigned these ranks and picked a sovereign to rule over the people with divinity. The creator had given individual different status and roles in society to help one another. Within natural equality, each person has a different purpose in life which makes their status unequal; thus, a government is necessary to make everything fall into place. The first difference between people is seen within a relationship between a parent and child. It leads to sort of a government within a family where a child is indebted to the parents who are the leaders. Another difference among people is their type of employment. Both high and low-wage workers are important in society because they depend on each other. God gives a sovereign the power to govern the people so he can represent the will of their Creator. Domat mentions in his essay, Since government is necessary for the public good, and God Himself has established it. A sovereign who was selected by God should be compliant and society should obey the government. An person should also respect the sovereign the same way he/she does for God. If a sovereign doesn’t follow the rules himself, then his government will have its down fall. A person who rules the government should know the purpose of Gods will and incorporate the divine power given to him. John Locke is a self-taught philosopher and believes in a government that all men ne

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