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Common Misconceptions of Critical Thinking

Prepare: Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, in preparation for discussing the importance of critical thinking skills,

Read the articles

Common Misconceptions of Critical Thinking
Combating Fake News in the Digital Age
6 Critical Thinking Skills You Need to Master Now
Teaching and Learning in a Post-Truth world: It’s Time for Schools to Upgrade and Reinvest in Media Literacy Lessons
Critical Thinking and the Challenges of Internet
Watch the videos

Fake News: Part 1
Critical Thinking
Review the resources

Critical Thinking Skills
Valuable Intellectual Traits
Critical Thinking Web
Reflect: Reflect on the characteristics of a critical thinker. Critical thinking gets you involved in a dialogue with the ideas you read from others in this class. To be a critical thinker, you need to be able to summarize, analyze, hypothesize, and evaluate new information that you encounter.

Write: For this discussion, you will address the following prompts. Keep in mind that the article or video you’ve chosen should not be about critical thinking, but should be about someone making a statement, claim, or argument related to your Final Paper topic. One source should demonstrate good critical thinking skills and the other source should demonstrate the lack or absence of critical thinking skills. Personal examples should not be used.

Explain at least five elements of critical thinking that you found in the reading material.
Search the Internet, media, or the Ashford University Library, and find an example in which good critical thinking skills are being demonstrated by the author or speaker. Summarize the content and explain why you think it demonstrates good critical thinking skills.
Search the Internet, media, or the Ashford University Library, and find an example in which the author or speaker lacks good critical thinking skills. Summarize the content and explain why you think it demonstrates the absence of good, critical thinking skills.

Sample Solution

ica’s labour market effectively locks young people out of work opportunities. Godfrey (2003) argues that the potential to increase youth employment is determined by (a) the strength of the demand for labour in general and (b) the extent to which young people are able to integrate themselves into economic processes such that when the overall demand for labour increases, they are in a position to benefit form that upward cycle. Simply put, unless demand or labour broadly is on the rise, interventions to increase youth employment are unlikely to be effective either. Therefore, risk patterns that reinforce inaccessibility of the labour market should be the starting point of any policy formulation process. 7.1 Growth and fiscal stability The effect of young people’s exclusion from the labour force is that they are unable to acquire the skills and experience necessary for the economy to grow. McCarthy (2008) states that has a direct bearing on the country’s economic growth potential and also imposes a larger burden on the state to provide social assistance to a growing population. Ozler (2007) also contributes noting that the long-term viability of the fiscal system in addition to an effective social security system are shaken when the tax base is thin and the real number of tax payers is low. 7.2 Labour market failure Labour market failure is one of the key reasons why young people may remain locked out of the labour market. Labour market failure arises from poor information about the type of work available to young people and the related wage returns associated with such opportunities. In addition to this the problem of perceived risk by employers as relates to young and inexperienced workers heightens the barriers to entry (McCarthy, 2008). The unemployment of young people is particularly sensitive to changes in aggregate demand in comparison to the adult population. Simply put, the demand for work amongst young people is lower than that of the adult population. Further, one of the first responses to a recession that the typical firm has is to stop recruitment. The impact of this decision is bigger on the young labour force than the adult population (Nel, 2001). The same approach applies when firms take a step further retrenching workers. Young people are most often the first casualties of such actions. Young people are also up against the experience trap when trying to enter the labour market. Their lack of on-the-job experience effectively locks them out of opportunities that demand some degree of experience by employers (McMcarthy 2008; Nel 2001) 7.3 Credit market failure The formal credit market often locks out young people. Godfrey (2003) explains that this exclusion is directly linked to the uncertainty of lending to ‘beginners in business’ in addition to information asymmetries that may occur.

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