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Community Assessment

Read Robinson’s article, “Asset Mapping: A Tool for Building Capacity in Communities”. In an essay, identify which of the five-steps in the asset mapping process you consider to be most important and why. Compare and contrast this step to the other steps outlined in the article as to the level of importance in assessing your community. Provide a minimum of two external scholarly citations to support your post.

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to the throne. This may imply that, while certainly influenced by his own internal ambition, Macbeth may never have acted upon it had he not been persuaded by his wife. This too makes us feel pity for the man, whose dastardly actions may not be entirely the fault of his own. Although the strong bond of love and trust between the two begins to break down in later scenes, Macbeth’s utterly desolate outlook on life following his wife’s death, exclaiming that life is “a tale / Told by an idiot”, shows that she remains an important part of his life and this devotion must be credited to him. A final quality that makes us feel empathy for Macbeth is his conscience, which despite being deeply scarred, never truly dies. We see this particularly before and in the aftermath of Macbeth’s murder of King Duncan, as he is immediately filled with a terrible regret and paralysing guilt. The apparition of a bloody dagger, a “False creation/ proceeding from the heat oppressed brain” shows that his psyche is tormented with sorrow and shame even before the crime is committed. Once carried out, the deed only haunts Macbeth further and he rapidly begins to lament it, hoping that the thunderous knocking at the castle gates would rouse Duncan from his eternal slumber, “Wake Duncan with thy knocking! I would thou couldst!” His immediate sense of regret shows a glimmer of humanity that remains buried deep beneath Macbeth’s facade of brutality. The apparition of Banquo following his assassination is a physical manifestation of Macbeth’s guilt, showing that although he has sworn to continue his reign of tyranny, his guilt and therefore his conscience remain intact and haunts him to his last breath. Like her husband, Lady Macbeth leaves a lot to be desired in relation to her morality, and I would certainly agree with the characterization of her original portrayal as ruthless, ruled by ambition, not for herself, but for her husband. This is made plain from our first encounter with Lady Macbeth, in which she muses about what she perceives as her husband’s many shortcomings, which she believes she must help him overcome. In the eyes of Lady Macbeth, ambition is merely a catalyst for the destruction of others for personal gain. She claims that Macbeth is “not without ambiti

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