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Community Health Nursing.

Compare and contrast geographic communities, communities of interest, and communities of solution. Provide a specific example of how a geographic community can move from a community of interest to a community of solution. Provide rationale and include at least 2 scholarly references.
Using demographic information from the 2013 Sentinel City demographic database, as an example, briefly describe the target population that is served by your practice learning site. Discuss at least 2 health status indicators applicable to your target population. Next describe the community assessment model (framework) appropriate for your target population. Include a rationale for selecting this model. What types of information on the CLAS website pertain to the population served by your practice learning site? Include at least 2 scholarly references – 1 reference should be from a peer-reviewed professional journal published within the past 7 years.
(Environmental health), The selected target population in Sentinel City is the working class that spend each day walking to work to Industrial Heights and spend their day there.

Sample Solution

When Don John describes Hero as "Leonato's Hero, your Hero, every man's Hero," (III, ii, 102-103) he suggests that Hero had multiple affairs. But while Don John's allegations are false, many of the characters in Much Ado About Nothing expect Hero to follow their wishes - Hero will be "every man's Hero," by fulfilling her expected duties as loyal daughter and submissive wife. Yet this quiet character is no puppet as she defies the men, exhibits an independent streak, and even has a little fun at her cousin Beatrice's expense. Claudio's pursuit of Hero gives the audience a sense of what expectations are placed upon her. Although Claudio claims to love Hero, he really is just looking for someone to marry in general - and he expects her to fit the part. Claudio admits that he "look'd upon her with a soldier's eye," before he went to war, but now that "war-thoughts /Have left their places vacant, in their rooms /Come thronging soft and delicate desires" (I, i, 288; 291-293). Claudio understands that after a solider serves his duty, the next step in life is to settle down and get married. But Claudio cannot woo women like Benedick and so settles on Hero, a girl he was attracted to before war broke out. Desperate for a wife, Claudio exaggerates Hero's beauty; the woman who Benedick describes as "too low for a high / praise, too brown for a fair praise and too little / for a great praise" (I, i, 165-167) becomes to Claudio a priceless jewel which he must possess (I, i, 175). But perhaps the most attractive part about Hero is that she is "a modest young lady," who will serve him as a good wife should (I, i, 159). Because Claudio wants to get his new life started quickly, he tells Don Pedro, the Prince of Aragon, about his feelings for Hero. But Don Pedro knows Claudio wants to accelerate his relationship with her. He tells Claudio: If thou dost love fair Hero, cherish it, And I will break with her and with her father, And thou shalt have her. Was't not to this end That thou began'st to twist so fine a story? (I, i, 298-301). Thus, Don Pedro agrees to take part in Claudio's game. The prince says he will disguise himself as Claudio and woo Hero with "the force/ And strong encounter of my amorous tale," and as a result "she shall be thine" (I, i, 308-309; 317). While the men expect Hero to go along with their game, the audience sees a woman who dictates life on her own terms. Admittedly, readers of the play may think Hero is a passive character - she says nothing when her uncle says, "Well, niece, I trust you will be ruled by your father" (II, i, 50). Yet what the reader cannot see - and the audience might - is the look of indignation Hero may give Antonio behind his back. After all, she is told that "the Prince discovered to Claudio that he loved my /niece your daughter and meant to acknowledge it /this night in a dance" and is expected to respond - as Antonio puts it - "accordant" to the situation (I,

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