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Community Health Nursing.

Compare and contrast geographic communities, communities of interest, and communities of solution. Provide a specific example of how a geographic community can move from a community of interest to a community of solution. Provide rationale and include at least 2 scholarly references.
Using demographic information from the 2013 Sentinel City demographic database, as an example, briefly describe the target population that is served by your practice learning site. Discuss at least 2 health status indicators applicable to your target population. Next describe the community assessment model (framework) appropriate for your target population. Include a rationale for selecting this model. What types of information on the CLAS website pertain to the population served by your practice learning site? Include at least 2 scholarly references – 1 reference should be from a peer-reviewed professional journal published within the past 7 years.
(Environmental health), The selected target population in Sentinel City is the working class that spend each day walking to work to Industrial Heights and spend their day there.

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But the masterpieces of Notre Dame's interior are its rose windows. Far more adventurous than Chartres, the builders essentially turned the north and south ends of the transept into walls of glass. The windows are not merely a series of oculi separated by wall - they contain rows of stained glass which are placed together to truly look like a rose, the symbol which Dante said represented God himself. After comparing the three great Gothic cathedrals at Chartres, Bourges and Notre Dame, it's worth noting how Gothic architecture continued to evolve. Notre Dame's use of rose windows as support were taken to heart at Sainte Chapelle of Paris, where the primary chapel which contained holy relics like the Crown of Thorns, was situated in a building with floor to ceiling windows. This breathtaking sight is truly the height of stained glass window usage. But stained glass windows also saw an evolution in their artwork, as seen in Bourges. Scenes that were once relegated to small portions of glass took up much larger sections of the window. Some of the chapels in Bourges even displayed stained glass (or more correctly, painted glass) which had whole windows depicting scenes like the Holy Family's journey to Egypt. In these later forms of art, faces were painted with greater accuracy and color was used as if the windows were canvases. Also of importance in Bourges was the use of stone tracing around the windows - here, the architects were able to blend symbols like family crests into the window itself. Gothic also evolved to a point where every part of the building was used in a decorative fashion. For instance, in Saint Etienne in Paris, we find the use of elaborate spiral staircases which lead to a "double altar" and the use of a decorative, six-part star vault at the point above the crossing. Floor to ceiling, Gothic churches had become works of art.

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